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Frosty The Snowcan

This is a great winter craft and a good way to use up some of those coffee cans. It’s simple and fun to make.

Materials: 5 coffee cans Drill

String or wire

Soldering iron or glue gun White paint suitable for metal Lid from an ice-cream pail Black paint Soup can Carrot

Old scarf or fabric 2 twigs

2 mitts and small broom if you wish


Drill two holes in the centre of the bottom of 5 coffee cans about 1 inch apart. Run a string or wire through the holes and tie together at the top. Using a soldering iron or hot glue gun secure the cans together at the base. Paint the cans white. Paint the ice-cream pail lid black for the rim of the hat and glue it on the top can. Paint the soup can black and glue it on top of the rim. Paint the eyes, mouth and buttons black. For the nose you can drill a hole and place a real carrot in or make a cloth carrot, stuff it and glue on. Tie on an old scarf or if using fabric, fringe the bottom to look like a scarf. Use some glue if necessary to secure on back. Drill holes in the fourth can and place the twigs in for arms. Attach mitts or broom if using. Use your imagination to embellish (e. g. corn cob pipe, bird on the hat rim etc.).

– Jeanette Danielson writes from Winnipeg

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