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John Deere’s AutoPath guidance records the actual position of crop rows and stores the information, allowing for more accurate in-season passes during spraying and harvesting. Photo: John Deere

John Deere improves guidance with AutoPath

System stores exact row positions for more accurate in-season passes

John Deere has introduced AutoPath, a row guidance system to help improve seeding, spraying and harvest accuracy. After the system stores the location of crop row lines, it allows for subsequent field passes to be based upon actual recorded row locations rather than a conventional A-B line, which may or may not correctly represent the

Chithra Karunakaran prepares a plant for imaging at the Canadian Light Source.

Canadian Light Source aids agriculture projects

The synchrotron at Saskatoon is giving researchers a new view of old subjects

Agriculture researchers facing difficult challenges might want to consider shining a light on their problems — a really bright light. The light in question is the Canadian Light Source, a synchrotron located at the campus of the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Researcher Chithra Karunakaran spoke recently during a Zoom presentation hosted by the University of Manitoba.

Ambient Weather’s WS-5000 Ultrasonic Professional Smart Weather Station and Thermo Hygrometer.

Switching up my personal weather station

You know which way the wind blows when the old anemometer starts grinding down

As I write this, a large portion of central North America is in the middle of a cold snap that looks to be one of the more significant ones in the last 20 or so years. I will do a full analysis once it’s over, but I do have to mention a couple of things.

But rural Manitoba continues to badly lag urban Manitoba when it comes to accessing the much-touted information superhighway.

Editor’s Take: The digital divide

It was a pleasant, if bitterly cold, winter evening. The Winnipeg Jets were battling the Edmonton Oilers on one laptop screen, while my spouse’s family were catching up on a Zoom call on the other. As we closed the gap COVID has imposed amongst us, I couldn’t help but reflect how nice it would be

“The robot reduces the presence of humans on the pig farms, and generates data that helps improve overall herd management.” – Giobani Molin, Roboagro director

Orders soar for Brazil pig-tending robot

Robots make feeding more efficient, but might also make pigs more relaxed by playing classical music

Sao Paulo – Orders for a Brazilian pig-feeding robot, which plays classical music while dispensing meals, soared this year as farmers strove to cut costs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The machine uses linear feeders which dispense the exact amount of feed needed for each meal. As it works, it plays classical music, which the company

Consumers aren’t seeing autonomous vehicles driving up to their homes quite yet, but that day is not far in the future.

Comment: Battle of the middle mile

Automating food delivery between distribution hubs and stores a glimpse of the future

Loblaw is partnering with Gatik, an autonomous vehicle provider from the United States, to launch the first autonomous food delivery fleet. This is a solution for the “middle mile,” which will assure links between distribution centres and stores. Consumers will not see autonomous vehicles driving up to their homes yet, but that day will surely

You need to look closely but this still from a Blue River Technology video shows “robotic nozzles” drenching a weed with a herbicide while leaving the adjacent cotton plants untouched.

Farm automation just over the horizon

The earliest models are already here and the future is closer than you think

Glacier FarmMedia – Just picture it: You’ve been watching your crop get rained on all week from your kitchen window, and it’s about time to do some crop scouting to see if you need to spray. But your farm is way ahead of you. Soil sensors have been monitoring moisture levels, and they’ve already called

New tech in agriculture can make a farm more efficient and sustainable, but strong connectivity to the internet is essential to make it work.

Opinion: Universal internet helps make food more sustainable

Urban consumers could become great advocates for rural internet

Consumers wanting to reduce the carbon intensity of their food should advocate for better rural internet. Most agricultural towns have broadband, but in the country cell service fades. Telematics produced by farm equipment has to be stored, getting pushed to the cloud at the farmyards while IoT devices use networks, like LoRaWAn. Network-controlled automation is

“COVID-19 has put us on a digital fast track, farmers are going online. They are rapidly innovating, creating ways of selling their products to keep themselves afloat.” – Alison Sunstrum, CNSRV-X.

More technology needed for post-COVID agriculture

A silver lining of the pandemic is that it has jump-started agriculture’s digital evolution, observers say

Experts speaking at the virtual Toronto Global Forum say a meaningful economic recovery to the COVID-19 pandemic should emphasize the need for technology in the agricultural sector. Alison Sunstrum, founder and CEO of CNSRV-X, said she hopes there is a digital response to the pandemic. “COVID-19 has put us on a digital fast track, farmers

The past century has seen agricultural equipment become more high tech, efficient, and safer.

Comment: Right to repair machinery, not modify

Modern farm equipment can be dangerous or easily damaged when improperly modified

For the most part, agriculture in Canada has survived the COVID-19 pandemic better than expected. Weather and commodity prices have played a big part of that. Perhaps the only negative we see is that the coronavirus created major disruptions in the inventory and parts supply chain. Equipment manufacturers and dealers are addressing the issue to