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Future Meat Technologies is already producing test products, including this cultured chicken breast.

Cellular agriculture makes waves in protein production

Government investment, cellular food policy strategy and regulation are missing so far

Scalable cell-based meat production is a reality now that the world’s first industrial cultured meat facility has been launched. Israel-based Future Meat Technologies (FMT) opened its plant last month and aims to have products on the market by 2022. The facility marks new market potential to compete against traditional agriculture and aquaculture sectors. Why it

Better bin monitoring data is key to better drying and that, in turn, could allow Prairie farmers to start harvest a week or two earlier, says Chandra Singh, an expert in wireless sensor technology for grain bins.

Better grain bin sensors could put you in the combine a week earlier

The key to an earlier start is being able to successfully dry down higher-moisture grain

To some, new research on wireless sensors and automated fans for grain bins may seem like just another technical study. But there’s big stakes in play — an opportunity to move up harvest by a week or even two, says Chandra Singh. “When I joined Lethbridge College in 2019 there was a very early snow

With 3D printed ‘steaks,’ Spanish startup eyes the mass market

Reuters – As demand for plant-based alternatives to meat rises, Barcelona-based startup Novameat is using its 3D printing technology to manufacture vegetarian “steaks” that it hopes will reach the mass market next year. Novameat plans to sell its “steaks” directly to consumers and to businesses such as restaurants interested in producing plant-based meat, business development

Ransomware attacks have increased by nearly 500 per cent since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Comment: JBS ransomware attack highlights need for new internet

The growing problem points to the need for a new, more secure system

Make no mistake: We are also in the midst of a digital pandemic of ransomware attacks. The recent attacks on Colonial Pipeline and JBS USA — the world’s largest meat processor — underscore the growing brazen nature of organized, deliberate attacks on increasingly significant targets, and our chronic inability to defend against them. What we

‘Food Action Hub’ platforms collaboration

‘Food Action Hub’ platforms collaboration

Busy, far-flung community groups struggle to network and share resources, says Food Matters Manitoba

Food Matters Manitoba’s new social media-like online platform will help busy and far-flung organizations network and share resources as they work to feed their communities, says Food Matters Manitoba. “It’s easy to stay siloed,” said Myreille Fortin, the organization’s social innovation co-ordinator. The hub is a place to discuss different experiences and learn from others,

A new survey seeks to better understand how technology is hitting the farm, and how that’s altering the sector’s labour needs.

Survey takes aim at ag technology

A national survey hopes to put numbers behind technology and tech-driven labour trends and demands in the shifting agri-food landscape

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) wants to know how you use tech on your farm or agribusiness. The non-profit has launched a nationwide survey in the hopes of filling in data on technology use and the labour trends related to new technology in agri-food. Why it matters: The survey hopes to get a handle

Toy or tool? Drones might be cool — but what can you actually do with one on the farm?

How to get drones into fields, doing useful work

The value of the tech has often been oversold, despite potential for useful applications on farms

For some ag-tech enthusiasts both here and abroad, realizing the full potential of drones on farms and ranches requires a better overall understanding of the technology’s limitations in agricultural systems, as well as less marketing misdirection. The financial and time commitments required to accrue, process, and act on drone-derived data has been a significant barrier

“The only way to obtain frequent and reliable observations over this entire landscape is to use space-based systems that let us collect images over the entire landscape with no gaps.”

Space and agriculture meet on social media

Reddit ‘ask-me-anything’ event with Canadian officials attracts interest, bizarre queries

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) partnered with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) to do an “Ask Me Anything” event on social media. On May 5, officials from both agencies took to the popular social media site Reddit to answer questions from the public about “how space helps agriculture.” Nearly 200 people directly engaged in the discussion. Some of

John Deere’s AutoPath guidance records the actual position of crop rows and stores the information, allowing for more accurate in-season passes during spraying and harvesting. Photo: John Deere

John Deere improves guidance with AutoPath

System stores exact row positions for more accurate in-season passes

John Deere has introduced AutoPath, a row guidance system to help improve seeding, spraying and harvest accuracy. After the system stores the location of crop row lines, it allows for subsequent field passes to be based upon actual recorded row locations rather than a conventional A-B line, which may or may not correctly represent the