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White pumpkins that have marks and blemishes often make the best candidates for carving Halloween faces, as these faults can be incorporated into the design.

Try out some white pumpkins this Halloween

These varieties range from pure white to cream colour with no trace of orange on them

Moonshine,” “Lumina,” “Baby Boo,” “New Moon” — these are all variety names of white pumpkins. It used to be that the spookiness of the Halloween season was depicted using only the colours orange and black. Well, move over orange and black, because white is fast gaining ground as the fearsome colour of choice. Horticulturalists have

And the winner is…

And the winner is…

Voters chose a denim-like colour as their top choice in paint

Beauti-Tone, a division of Home Hardware Stores Ltd., recently asked Canadians to choose the brand’s 2016 Colour of the Year from a list of four top contenders. The winner is French Charming, a cool blue reminiscent of a well-worn pair of jeans. Canadians chose that comfy fresh denim-like colour as their favourite. “French Charming is

A milk and ochre paint mixture used 49,000 years ago at Sibudu, South Africa. Researchers used chemical analysis to determine the origins of paint flakes found on ancient stones.

Milk, paint, wild beasts and an ancient African mystery

People were making paint long before previously thought

Around 49,000 years ago, someone in what is today South Africa mixed milk with ochre to produce a paint mixture. What the paint was used for remains unknown. But what is startling is that it was made earlier than the first previously known use of the paint — 47,000 years earlier. The mixture was preserved

Create a floor mat as well as a fun and useful hall tree.

Do-it-yourself projects for the home

Around the House: Read on for a couple of how-to ideas to get you started

Here’s two projects to brighten up your home: FLOOR MAT Create works of art for your floor with a canvas drop sheet and paint. Materials: One 5×12-foot canvas drop sheet No-Sew Glue Painter’s tape Beauti-Tone Designer Series Paint in chosen colours Beauti-Tone Designer Series Silk in a clear untinted base Instructions: Cut the size of

The Massey 101 was one cool machine

The Massey 101 was one cool machine

Stylish and powerful, the redesigned tractor won the affections of farmers across the country

When it came to marrying style with functionality, James Duncan was the Steve Jobs of his day and his Massey Harris Model 101 Senior was — and is — as cool as anything to come out of Apple’s design lab. With its streamlined hood, bright-red paint with yellow wheels, chrome trim, and louvred side curtains

Mini-chucks put on impressive performance

If you thought miniature ponies were only good for teaching children how to ride or for looking cute, Clayton Hawreluik has news for you — mini chuckwagon races are hot stuff. “It started out as a little hobby but it has turned into a little more than we expected it to,” said Hawreluik, who started

Skating oval brings back memories

Skaters are gliding their way on a fun, family-friendly feature of Hamiota for the sixth winter season. Bringing back memories of skating on a snow-covered frozen slough, the skating oval that has brought about family togetherness and recreational pleasure since 2008 continues to gain popularity with it becoming a tradition for some families on Christmas

Got the after-holidays blues?

Studies show that the weather can directly affect our spirits, and many of us struggle to stay upbeat this time of year. Fortunately, there is a way to beat the seasonal “blahs,” say the experts at CIL Paints: Surround yourself with uplifting colours. “For less than $50 for an average-size room, you can bring a

What to do with a partial wall

Addressing an unusual situation can be a fun prospect when planning your decorating projects. A unique space may seem daunting at first but by its very nature, can open up many design possibilities. One such dilemma is how to decorate a partial wall. Partial walls are common in open-concept homes or can even be the