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Make A Pillow For A Child In Your Life

I made these pillows for my grandsons. They love them and the covers have been washed several times. Materials: 1 16-sq.-inch cushion (bought or you can make your own and fill with fibrefill.) 1/2 metre of fabric (I used flannelette as it is soft, but cotton or any other fabric could be used – plain

A Mirror To Make And Take

The travel mirror is ideal when away from home. Easy to slide between packed clothes, and the perfect size to stand on a table yet large enough for shaving or applying makeup. Fun and easy to make. Materials: – 5×7-inch glass mirror (3 mm) – .5 metre fabric (corduroy, cotton, velvet, denim etc.) – .5

Treasure In My Basement

A little wooden churn that I inherited has a story to tell. It has seen many gallons of cream and produced many pounds of butter over the years at the hand of the cranker. It has been instrumental in providing butter for a family of five and then passed on to the next generation of

Frosty The Snowcan

This is a great winter craft and a good way to use up some of those coffee cans. It’s simple and fun to make. Materials: 5 coffee cans Drill String or wire Soldering iron or glue gun White paint suitable for metal Lid from an ice-cream pail Black paint Soup can Carrot Old scarf or