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Calving season!

Every year, around this time, I have to share my husband with the other females in his life — almost 400 of them to be exact! It’s calving season on our farm. Raising cattle is one of the primary incomes for our farm. It is our job, our choice of occupation, and especially this time

Passing On A Family Tradition

When I was a child, one of my favourite places to visit was my grandparents’ house. I was always spoiled by them and Grandma always had treats. She loved to take me shopping and there were so many fun things to do at their house, providing me with wonderful memories of our time together. One

Little Horses… Big Dreams

Nestled in the hills near Cypress River, Manitoba is Countrylane Miniatures, a beautiful miniature horse farm owned by Korey and Tracy Conrad and family. While the herds of pint-size horses make their farm unique, it is the national calibre of the animals that makes them known in the miniature horse world. Countrylane Miniatures is truly

A Farmer’s Wife

My husband can fix most anything. Over the years, we have saved a lot of money by not having to hire a repair person and doing repairs instead of buying new. My only complaint is his lack of time to accomplish my “to do” list – he is a farmer after all. One of our

A Gift That Continues To Give

Last Christmas a Boissevain School classroom took on a project. Mrs. Connie Krowchuk’s class chose to buy an entire stable for a needy family through World Vision. “I had been considering this idea for a couple of years,” Krowchuk said. “When I received a letter from World Vision explaining the project I decided it was

Enjoying The Garden Bounty

I loved the summer. When I went to prepare a meal, I didn’t open a can or look for something in the freezer – I headed straight to my garden. It was good to see a table laden with food that we had produced. No added preservatives or artificial flavours – just pure Prairie sunshine

Redefining My Purpose

My “baby” is starting kindergarten. I knew it was inevitable, but the reality of it always comes as a shock. Where have the last five years gone? As with all of my children, I am filled with regrets. There is a list in my mind of all the things I “meant” to do, wanted to

The Joys Of Motherhood

One afternoon, I came across some of my children’s baby memorabilia. There were photos, cards, hospital bracelets and tiny outfits that I couldn’t imagine they ever wore. Of course, I had one of those “ahhhh” moments. I reflected back to the feeling of holding my newborns, with the dreams I had and the promises of

Water — Our Valuable Resource

In North America, most of us take one thing for granted – water! I am not an environmentalist, reminding you of the importance of conservation, although I know it is an important issue. However, we don’t have to go long without water to realize how precious it is in our daily lives. Living on a

Second-Generation Playhouse

One of my favourite places to play as a child was our playhouse. My siblings and I spent countless hours in this special place. Constructed by my uncle, it was built using an old hay-rack. It had glass windows that opened and was tall enough for an adult to easily stand up in. My grandfather