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Enjoying The Garden Bounty

I loved the summer. When I went to prepare a meal, I didn’t open a can or look for something in the freezer – I headed straight to my garden. It was good to see a table laden with food that we had produced. No added preservatives or artificial flavours – just pure Prairie sunshine and rainwater. It is the time of year that we eat the healthiest, and by far, the cheapest! In the grocery store, I was able to pass by the produce aisle completely. Vegetables tasted like they should; so much better than anything bought at the store.

It is the time of year when we “reap our rewards,” from all the hard work and time we put into our garden. We planted the seeds, watered, weeded, watched and waited. It always amazes our children how those tiny seeds can produce so much. There is always enjoyment in the harvest, filling buckets with fresh produce. I loved when my children would disappear to the garden for a “snack,” returning with handfuls of fresh carrots and peas. They have learned to love a variety of vegetables, only because we grow them in the garden.

The produce is stored for the winter ahead, and when I set the food on the table, I know our season’s efforts have paid off. I’ll be feeding my family the very best!

– Tanya Unrau writes from

Boissevain, Manitoba

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