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Enjoy Those Snowed-In Days

I let the kids stay in their pyjamas for the day while we bake or do crafts. It’s seven o’clock in the morning, the wind is howling and the snow is pelting the window. I am standing close to the radio, listening to the school cancellation list. A cheer goes up around me as I

A boy and his dog

“ Every boy needs a dog,” is an age-old saying that I believe in. After all, it is much more fun on an adventure with a four-legged friend beside you. Last spring, our yellow lab blessed us with 10 puppies. What fun our kids had watching them develop from helpless balls of fur to big,

Give the gift of time this Christmas

We are all guilty of it – rushing through Christmas to the point of missing all the joy that the season brings. We focus on endless shopping lists, parties, pageants, decorating and baking, hoping to give our family the “perfect” Christmas. We believe that seven kinds of dainties, colour-co-ordinated decorations and amazing presents will ensure

Harvesting the garden

On the warm, sunny, fall afternoons, I enjoyed the task of “harvesting” my garden. Often my children joined me at the job and we made it a family event. We loaded our wagon with peppers, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkins, beets, corn and potatoes. How blessed we were with the abundance of it all. My children were

A farm boy’s rite of passage

When I got to the field with lunch, I watched the combine as it devoured the swath. “ I need Wade to combine today.” My husband’s words shocked me. Assuring me that our son was more than ready, my husband promised to teach him every step carefully and stay with him until he was sure