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A Farmer’s Wife

My husband can fix most anything. Over the years, we have saved a lot of money by not having to hire a repair person and doing repairs instead of buying new. My only complaint is his lack of time to accomplish my “to do” list – he is a farmer after all.

One of our “to do” list needs was the sink in our guest bathroom. In 2008, before guests arrived, I bought the new sink and all the supplies he needed. The guests came and went, meanwhile enduring a terribly rusted bathroom sink with hot water only. Once again it was added to his list.

A few weeks before guests were due to arrive in 2009, I began suggesting that the sink repairs were becoming necessary once again. I even offered to call the local plumber, as I knew how busy my husband was with such a late harvest last year. That is usually the fuel to get him going – he insisted that the plumber wouldn’t have time to fix a sink. (I guess I had the wrong impression of what a plumber does!)

Finally, one Saturday night around 8 p. m. my husband had time to start the project. That is usually his favourite time for plumbing, but very inconvenient when he hits a snag and has to leave the water shut off until Monday morning because all the stores are closed for the weekend. As he worked, he discovered that many of the parts that I had bought (in 2008) were not quite right and did not work with the existing plumbing. Finally, unable to finish the drain without new parts, he suggested that maybe we could just use a pail and empty it when full. (You can imagine how well that suggestion went over!)

Next, he moved on to the tap installation. Once the new ones were in place, he discovered that the cold water line was indeed still plugged. I was instructed to stand close, and if he got the line unplugged, to cover the spot until he got the water shut off. Much to our surprise, the line was easily unplugged and the pressure was too much to stop anything. Black, slimy water began spraying everywhere.

After mopping up the mess, and finding the right pieces at the hardware store when it opened (they actually took returns of parts purchased in 2008!) our guest bathroom is working perfectly and looking lovely. It was certainly worth the wait and my faith in my husband’s ability is once again restored. He may want to stick with his chosen career of farming however!

– Tanya Unrau writes from Boissevain, Manitoba

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