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Workers at Seaboard Foods’ pork-processing plant in Guymon, Oklahoma, seen here in a May 2020 file photo, 
say line speeds are causing worker injuries.

As pork plant speeds up slaughtering, workers report more injuries

The need for speed seems to be at the expense of employee health

Reuters – One of North America’s leading pig slaughterhouses is running faster than ever as meat packers hustle to keep pork in grocery stores during the COVID-19 pandemic. Plant worker Hector Ixquier says it’s time to slow down. Ixquier said he sought medical treatment in January for tendons he strained in his right arm while

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Livestock auction marts to decide on next steps

Livestock Marketing Association of Canada pondering next move in face of pandemic

You may want to call first to see if it’s open, but many auction marts in Alberta were still having sales on Tuesday morning. The Livestock Marketing Association of Canada has a conference call set for this evening to discuss COVID-19 safety measures for staff, customers and buyers, said Chance Martin, an LMAC director and

Editorial: Staying safe on the farm

Agriculture regularly tops surveys and studies of dangerous professions. Despite the process of going high tech, every season there’s still a heaping helping of manual labour, heavy equipment, confined spaces and moving parts. Add the exhaustion of long hours and mental stress and it can be a recipe for disaster. This all added up to

Farmers get a better idea of their personal protective equipment options during a Manitoba Farm Safety Program workshop in Brandon Nov. 26.

Gearing up on the farm: the right equipment makes you safer

Make sure your personal protective gear is in place, fits properly and works

How would your farm fare if a workplace safety inspector suddenly showed up? If you have a sneaking suspicion you might flunk that test, you’re not alone, according to the Manitoba Farm Safety Program. Morag Marjerison, farm safety consultant with the program, says she expects farms will see more safety inspectors in the future, something

Farm safety consultant Morag Marjerison says owners of larger farms tend to know how safety and health legislation apply. She especially hopes owners of smaller operations will attend her sessions.

What to expect if the safety inspector visits your farm

The Manitoba Farm Safety Association is hosting no-cost sessions to help farmers understand Workplace Safety and Health legislation

What’s a sure sign you don’t know that Workplace Safety and Health legislation applies to your farm? Telling the safety officer who’s just arrived to conduct an inspection to leave — maybe with words your mother wouldn’t like. Workplace Safety and Health laws to ensure safe job sites have applied to all farms in Manitoba

Wawanesa-area farmer Simon Ellis says a flying hook’s impact shattered the fibreglass fender of the tractor being used to pull out a stuck truck last spring.

Stay stuck on safety when stuck in the field

Getting stuck can lead to more than just frustration if the hook slips at the wrong moment. Manitoba’s Farm Safety Program is urging farmers to think twice about safety in muddy fields

It happened in a second. Wawanesa farmer Simon Ellis had been attempting to pull a grain truck from a muddy field last year when the tow hook he had been using broke, snapping the rope and it back in a narrow miss of his cab window. Caught on video, Ellis posted about the incident on

Craig Evans, Granny’s Poultry CEO speaks to company staff at Blumenort last week during North American Occupational 
Safety and Health Week. The company hosted a SAFEWork on Wheels demonstration event at its southern Manitoba 
processing plant.

Stellar safety record at Granny’s Poultry brings WCB premiums way down

Their company has put major effort into educating their entire team on why safe workplace practices are so important, says company CEO

Granny’s Poultry is proving dedication to a safer workplace can really pay off. Ten years ago the poultry processor’s Workers Compensation Board (WCB) experience rating was $7 per every $100 of payroll — WCB sets rates based on the employer’s track record. A major effort put towards reducing on-the-job injuries has now brought its premium

Set an example for the younger generation during Ag Safety Week

Set an example for the younger generation during Ag Safety Week

Canada’s agricultural population is now made up of more farmers over age 70 than under 35

With an average age of 53.8 years, Manitoba has the second-youngest population of farm operators in Canada. That means this month’s Canadian Agricultural Safety Week is a way to set an example for the next generation, says Manitoba’s minister of agriculture. “Everyone in our farming community, and especially our young farmers, has the opportunity to

Once-common activities like climbing a ladder can become more risky due to the natural effects of aging.

Taking steps to prevent slips, trips, and falls

You can change the environment or change your behaviours to stay safe

In theory the prevention of falls is simple. Nearly all falls result from conditions or practices whose hazard is obvious or readily discoverable. In practice, however, prevention is difficult because the detail involved is very great and it is necessary to improve the performance of practically everyone. – From “Safety Subjects,” U.S. Division of Labor