CN investing in Manitoba

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Improvements are expected to help meet demand and future needs of shippers

Manitoba’s share of CN’s $3 billion capital investment plan is going to be $95 million.

The company announced June 17 it would be using the funds to focus on technology and infrastructure maintenance to “enhance safety and fluidity” in its network.

“Our consistent and proactive infrastructure investment strategy and the essential work of our employees and supply chain partners are what enable CN to keep the economy moving safely and smoothly year after year,” said James Thompson, CN’s VP of the western region, in a media release.

“Safety is a core value at CN and we will continue to invest in our track and in technology to support our overall network capacity and provide our customers with safe and reliable service.”

He also noted the upcoming combination with Kansas City Southern would create a truly North America “connected” rail network and “... build the premier railway for the 21st century.”

Maintenance program highlights include:

  • Replacing 29 miles of rail;
  • Installing approximately 118,000 new railroad ties;
  • Rebuilding 17 road crossing surfaces; and
  • Maintenance work on bridges, culverts, signal systems, and other track infrastructure.

CN has already invested $610 million in Manitoba over the past five years. It employs 2,400 people in the province and has 864 miles of rail routes in the province.

The company touts its investment plan as a reflection of its “... determination to play an important role in the economic recovery and to be part of the climate solution.”

The company noted a more fluid network will encourage the use of rail for long-haul transportation, leading to reduced emissions.

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