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Adapting to changing times

As the Manitoba Co-operator moves into the future we plan to reflect the changing faces of Manitoba farms

The Manitoba Co-operator has seen a lot of change since its inception in 1925. Through the Great Depression, Second World War, the postwar boom, the farm boom of the 1970s and the bust of the 1980s and 1990s, it has evolved right alongside its readership. It chronicled the end of summerfallow, the evolution of zero […] Read more

Editor’s Take: Fair’s fair

An old friend lives in Winnipeg along a major thoroughfare that’s slated for expansion at some yet-to-be-determined future date. He and his wife have lived there for nearly 20 years, and the word of the planned roadwork came down shortly after they bought the house. They’ve been told, in no uncertain terms, that once the […] Read more

falling number test

Editorial: Interests aligned?

Canada’s major grain companies — through their industry voice the Western Grain Elevator Association (WGEA) — have come out swinging against a discussion paper that puts analytical testing on the table (see Allan Dawson’s front-page story). The Canadian Grain Commission has been reviewing whether falling number and tests for the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (DON) would serve […] Read more

Editorial: Pulling it together

It’s been a long road towards merger for Manitoba commodity groups. Over the past three years groups have opted in and out of the process and at times it’s seemed like little or nothing was happening. But in truth that’s just been the long, slow process of trying to bring independent entities together into one […] Read more

Editorial: A fine balance

Where does one individual’s rights end, and another’s begin? One famous definition runs like this: “The right to swing my arms in any direction ends where your nose begins.” It’s a straightforward common-sense approach that attempts to balance individual liberty with the rights of others. However, it’s also a very simplistic black-or-white view. The reality […] Read more

Editorial: Brand name

As the writing began to appear on the wall for the Canadian Wheat Board, many wondered what would become of Brand Canada. The nation has long enjoyed a global reputation as a producer of high-quality milling wheat. Canada has been a dominant player in this lofty quality grouping since the legendary Red Fife and Marquis […] Read more

Editorial: Back to normal

A farmer who’s been around the block can’t be blamed for watching the current economic and political situation with growing nervousness. Anyone who was associated with a Prairie farm during the 1980s and ’90s has no choice but to remember those painful lost years, especially in the crops sector. Income dried up, losses mounted and […] Read more

Editorial: Wild things roaming

A few years back, an acquaintance returned to school at mid-career and studied natural resource management. He was lucky enough to land a job with the province that first summer, checking boats at a stop on the Trans-Canada Highway at the Manitoba-Ontario border, to prevent the spread of zebra mussels. I mentioned that this sounded […] Read more

Canada - U.S. border crossing

Editorial: Winds of war

Are we staring down the barrel of another agriculture trade war? That’s the multibillion-dollar question that should be keeping the Manitoba agriculture sector up at night. After all, there are few that are more trade dependent. Manitoba is an export juggernaut. A few numbers from Statistics Canada help set the stage. In 2017 Manitoba sent […] Read more

Editorial: Hands up!

As someone who just turned 50 this past winter, I have no personal memories of the Great Grain Robbery of the summer of 1972, only what I’ve heard and read. The tongue-in-cheek name references the Great Train Robbery nine years earlier, when a Royal Mail train from Glasgow to London was relieved of 2.6 million […] Read more