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Editorial: Provincial benefit

There isn’t even a firm proposal on the table and already folks are lining up to argue over where any future soybean-crushing plant should be built in the province. Among the first out of the gate was a group in western Manitoba, that last year commissioned a feasibility study on the concept of building the […] Read more

Editorial: A case of beer

For all the ink and vitriol that’s been spilled over supply management in Canadian agricultural commodities over the years, not much has changed. There’s been a bit of evolution around the edges and some grudging concession on imports, but the fundamental bedrock of the system remains. Now an earthquake could be coming, from the most […] Read more

Editorial: Sweating the details

As the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement was negotiated over the last few years, it’s been touted as a game-changing deal that opens up a potentially massive market. That may well be, but it would appear for most agricultural commodities, that’s going to be an ‘easier-said-than-done’ scenario, at least for the foreseeable future. Ottawa has made much […] Read more

Editorial: All hands on deck

It was a dreary fall afternoon this past Sunday at Argyle, as rain lashed the countryside and soaked stubble fields. Inside the local community hall and curling rink, however, there was a clear sense of warmth and community. The hamlet had pulled out all the stops to host its annual fall supper — the 135th […] Read more

Editorial: Opening up

The non-farming public, especially in Western Canada, continues to be interested in agriculture and rural life. Evidence of that can be seen in a pair of features in this week’s issue of the Co-operator. In the Country Crossroads section, our Lorraine Stevenson writes about the Argyle fall supper, celebrating its 135th anniversary this year. Every fall, […] Read more

Editorial: Talking taxes

A few years back I found myself watching an HBO Canada series set in Winnipeg called “Less than Kind.” One of the key characters was the patriarch of the Blecher clan, Sam, played by Maury Chaykin. Sam was a part-time driving school operator and full-time wheeler-dealer. Another recurring character was Tito, whom Sam had taken […] Read more

Editorial: Let’s all stay safe at harvest-time

There are few industries that feature a concentrated and ongoing effort like harvest time on a farm. The culmination of an entire season’s work rests on your efforts between now and the arrival of winter. It really is sometimes now or never. That was certainly the case at times on our family’s operation. My hometown […] Read more

Editorial: Drilling for data

The recent headline in the tech magazine Wired cut straight to the point. “Data is the new oil of the digital economy,” it proclaimed. Data is everywhere, it said, an immensely valuable and untapped resource that will drive the digital economy forward just as oil fuelled the industrial economy. Vast fortunes are available for the […] Read more

Editorial: The taxman cometh

Canadian farmers could soon be swept up in a looming taxation crackdown. The Trudeau government has promised to lower the boom on what it characterizes as the abuse of private corporations by high-income individuals to avoid taxation. Doctors have been especially vocal in their condemnation of the move, saying they have forgone fee increases in […] Read more

Editorial: Parts run

The road to town from my brother’s farm doesn’t vary too much from trip to trip. Depending on the season it’s rutted mud, packed snow and ice, or a dusty trail, but the scenery remains the same. One part of that scenery, just on the outskirts of town, is a small business that just celebrated […] Read more