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Provincial weed specialist Tammy Jones says leaving small patches of survivors can quickly result in a huge problem as new and highly competitive herbicide-resistant weeds have arrived.

Losing the war on weeds

Tammy Jones has been doing the math on where herbicide resistance is taking Manitoba farmers and the numbers are grim

Tammy Jones spent four hours last summer wrestling with about 300 waterhemp plants in a Manitoba field, yanking them out of the ground by the roots and carrying them to the field edge for destruction. The provincial weed specialist was trying to demonstrate the value of controlling what might seem to be small patches of

Editor’s Take: Ignoring the rural electoral base

Just weeks after the last provincial election campaign wrapped up, it might seem too soon to talk about the next one. But in the context of discontent in Manitoba’s farm country, it’s a topic worth considering. The governing Progressive Conservatives benefited, as they typically do, from strong support in rural Manitoba. In fact, agro-Manitoba voted

Editor’s Take: Crime waves

One day, while working in downtown Winnipeg, I left my job for a dentist appointment just a few blocks away. In a rush to get there on time, I cut through a parking lot and was headed down a short alley to the next street. I was just walking along, minding my own business, when