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Editorial: Building bridges

Earlier this month the A&W restaurant chain may have taken a significant step towards rebuilding its battered image with the nation’s cattle farmers. The company has been the source of much controversy in recent years after it introduced a marketing strategy branding the beef in its burgers as free of hormones and other growth promoters. […] Read more

Editorial: Green tape

Hipsters and hippies across the country are set to celebrate cannabis legalization this coming Canada Day. The Trudeau government is on track for legalizing this recreational drug by that date, one of the highest-profile promises made during the last election campaign. That’s likely a good thing. While any recreational drug, alcohol included, is a problem […] Read more

Editorial: On a (rail)road to nowhere

The Port of Churchill and the rail link to the south has been much in the public eye of late, most recently with word a Toronto financial group is partnering with local First Nations groups to buy the line. The tantalizing promise of Churchill has always been just over the horizon, it would seem. On […] Read more

Editorial: Wheels within wheels

Canada’s current debate over carbon pricing, and Manitoba’s response to the federal requirements, highlight the complexities of making public policy. The federal government wants Canadian businesses, households and individuals to emit less carbon. That’s going to mean burning fewer fuels, using what we do use more efficiently and many other changes large and small throughout […] Read more

Editorial: On remembering

Canada has a long history of respect and remembrance for citizens who served and fell in war. In fact it was a poem by Canadian physician John McCrae that first made the poppy an enduring symbol of remembrance, with the moving opening line: “In Flanders Fields the poppies grow, between the crosses row on row.” […] Read more

Editorial: Guidance needed

You’d be hard pressed to think of a document that could be more innocuous and apolitical than Canada’s Food Guide. The modest booklet has the distinction of being the federal government’s second-most-requested document and is available in a dozen languages. This staple of home economics classes and cooking schools should simply be a straightforward recitation […] Read more

Editorial: On hold

With the deadline for a federal carbon tax drawing ever closer — and promised provincial legislation looming — an interesting document hit the legislative table recently in Ottawa. Julie Gelfand, the federal environmental commissioner, has tabled a series of five reports on various topics, ranging from funding for clean technologies to the federal government’s readiness […] Read more

Editorial: Provincial benefit

There isn’t even a firm proposal on the table and already folks are lining up to argue over where any future soybean-crushing plant should be built in the province. Among the first out of the gate was a group in western Manitoba, that last year commissioned a feasibility study on the concept of building the […] Read more

Editorial: A case of beer

For all the ink and vitriol that’s been spilled over supply management in Canadian agricultural commodities over the years, not much has changed. There’s been a bit of evolution around the edges and some grudging concession on imports, but the fundamental bedrock of the system remains. Now an earthquake could be coming, from the most […] Read more

Editorial: Sweating the details

As the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement was negotiated over the last few years, it’s been touted as a game-changing deal that opens up a potentially massive market. That may well be, but it would appear for most agricultural commodities, that’s going to be an ‘easier-said-than-done’ scenario, at least for the foreseeable future. Ottawa has made much […] Read more