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The back side of a standard New Holland boom retrofitted with the WEED-IT Quadro. Retailer Croplands Equipment sells the Quadro in either a retrofit kit which allows it to be installed on most types of existing sprayer booms or as a120-foot Millennium boom.

Smart sprayer tech developing quickly

This technology isn’t quite a done deal yet, but it’s now more science fact than fiction

Producers have been hearing about weed-targeting spot-spraying sensors for some time, but it’s always seemed to be the stuff of science fiction. In some cases, however, the future is now while in others it’s coming quickly — it all depends on the type of sensor tech you’re interested in. Well-known spraying expert Tom Wolf separates precision spot-spraying tech into

Are farmers ready to seize the day when it comes to smart ag?

Investing in next-generation agriculture would pay big dividends, but investment dollars will be in short supply

The pandemic has revealed critical weaknesses in the country’s agriculture and food systems — and the need to invest in their future, say experts. “It’s continuing to show the importance of technology, and adopting technology, on the farm,” said Remi Schmaltz, CEO and co-founder of Decisive Farming, a digital ag and farm management company. “We

The all-electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire is front and centre for the company. This motor- cycle goes about its business quietly and efficiently – not to mention being emission free. The LiveWire is a stripped-down, bare-essentials sport bike.

Harley-Davidson moving with the times

With its traditional customer base aging fast, the iconic brand is shifting its focus

When we think of Harley-Davidson, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? That unmistakable rumble that drives some people to distraction but is music to the ears of hardcore enthusiasts. It’s the company’s trademark and biggest source of controversy. It’s funny then that the all-electric Harley LiveWire is front and centre on the company’s

Grainews went to Texas to field test the 2020 model year line of Defender UTVs.

Five UTV options for the farm and ranch

Farmers can choose from a wide selection of handy options

It’s no secret that side-by-sides and similar models have replaced the traditional four-wheeler as the farm vehicle of choice. The surge in demand for side-by-sides has opened up the options available to the average Prairie farmer, with an ever-increasing range of models offered from familiar brands including Can-Am, Polaris, Honda, John Deere, Kubota, Yamaha, and

Turning precision ag data into higher profits

Seeding and Tillage: The fast-evolving technology can bring a lot of value if you know how to manage it

Adam DeVisser is a recent convert to using precision agriculture, but he’s practical about its application. “The value is not in computers making decisions for us, but in us making more informed decisions,” he said at a recent crops conference in Ontario. DeVisser and his fellow panellists — farmer Mark Brock and Brandon Dietrich of

Concerned residents lined the walls and into the hallway as representatives from the now closed Morris Sales and Service stood up to address questions on the future of the dealership March 11 in Virden.

Morris Sales and Service shuttered in Virden

The staff at the now defunct Morris Sales and Service in Virden are still hoping that interest from some other company might revive their business

Employees of Morris Sales and Service in Virden are looking for work after the dealership officially closed its doors March 12, part of restructuring efforts after Morris Group, including Morris Industries, came under creditor protection earlier this year. The company was approved for creditor protection Jan. 8, 2020 by a Saskatchewan court. The company has

When it comes to modern machinery, what counts as a repair versus a modification?

Repair your farm equipment, just don’t remake it

Where’s the line between a fix and a change when it comes to machinery?

[UPDATED: Feb. 25, 2020] By all means, get that tractor running like new, but watch out if you’re changing how it functions. That was the message 2020 attendees of CropConnect in Winnipeg were told as Eric Wareham, U.S. vice-president of government affairs with the Western Equipment Dealers Association, took the podium. “We as an industry

Harrington Seed Destructors are widely used in Australia.

Destructor’s weed escapes still fail to germinate

Microscopic abrasions allow microbes to infect embryonic weeds

Many weed seeds that appear undamaged after passing through a Harrington Seed Destructor still fail to germinate, say researchers at the University of Illinois. Developed and widely used in Australia, the HSD is mounted on the back of a combine and crushes weed seeds to prevent them from germinating. A University of Illinois release says

The challenging 2019 growing season underlined the need for an equipment line that gave farmers flexibility.

Keep your farm team in the loop

An agronomist can be a valuable resource when buying equipment

Should more farmers consult with their agronomist before they make equipment decisions? That was the topic posed to a panel at the Manitoba Agronomists Conference in Winnipeg last December that included a Manitoba farmer, a consulting agronomist and an agronomist with an equipment manufacturer. Jeff Strukoff, a professional agrologist with Bourgault Industries in Saskatchewan, said

Myth busting precision agriculture

Cory Willness’s presentation at Farm Forum Event unravelled 10 common myths 
in the emerging precision ag sector

“Precision Ag” is a very common term in today’s agriculture sector, but it can mean different things to different people. New sensors, software, and shiny toys can seem like a must-buy at first, but some producers are suggesting that old-fashioned logic might be the best tool for consistent yields and steady profits. “Right now there’s