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Drowning in grains once again

How Big Ag sowed seeds of a profit-slashing glut

On Canada’s fertile Prairies, dominated by the yellows and golds of canola and wheat, summers are too short to grow corn on a major scale. But Monsanto is working to develop what it hopes will be North America’s fastest-maturing corn, allowing farmers to grow more in Western Canada and other inhospitable climates, such as Ukraine. The seed […] Read more

Slumping fertilizer makers turn to high-margin industrial uses

Fertilizer makers are seeking market alternatives wherever they can find them

Fertilizer makers are taking advantage of higher profit margins for uses in other industries, such as oil drilling and livestock feed, to ride out a severe slump. Potash and phosphate prices touched multi-year lows last year due to a capacity glut and soft crop prices. Higher and more stable returns for some industrial applications are […] Read more

Chemical companies pitch bug-killing options

Some environmentalists say just switching to new products won’t solve the underlying problem

Companies that make bug-killing chemicals and natural remedies are racing to take advantage of restrictions on neonics, blamed for harming bees and mayflies. Global sales of neonicotinoids, or neonics, were US$3.01 billion last year, accounting for almost 18 per cent of the global insecticides market, according to consultancy Phillips McDougall. Insecticide sales fell sharply year […] Read more

Packers put plants on plates

Meat packers can sense the shifting tide and are rebranding themselves as protein companies

Some major North American meat producers are clearing room on their plates for plant-based substitutes. They’re hedging their bets as consumer tastes shift and high-tech startups seek to create meat alternatives that taste like the real thing. The trend was highlighted on Monday when Tyson Foods, the biggest U.S. chicken processor, took a five per […] Read more

Wet North America harvest adds pressure for farmers

Cropland is soaking wet as harvest time winds down

Manitoba farmers aren’t alone when it comes to grappling with a rainy harvest. North America’s wettest harvest in about five years is hiking farmers’ costs as they dry crops to avoid spoilage and forcing them to take price discounts that are pinching incomes already under stress. One-fifth of the United States and Canadian Crop Belts […] Read more

Election 2015: Conservatives vulnerable in western heartland

New electoral districts combined with an NDP breakthrough in Alberta have lessened their grip on the West

The Canadian Prairies, long a Conservative Party stronghold that has helped the party rule the country for nearly a decade, no longer looks to be an impenetrable fortress heading into an Oct. 19 election that could be decided by a few seats. New electoral district boundaries, a left-wing breakthrough in Alberta, and retirements of popular […] Read more

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Cargill to close Man. grain elevators in 2015

Reuters – Cargill Ltd. said on Thursday that it will close its Swan River, Manitoba grain facility, which includes two elevators, as of May 31, 2015. The facility would require costly upgrades if it remained open, Jeff Wildeman, regional manager of Cargill AgHorizons said in a statement. Cargill’s crop inputs facility in Swan River will remain open. The decision comes as Cargill […] Read more

Big yields, imports ease supply concerns for U.S. canola crushers

Big canola yields in the northern Plains have eased earlier supply concerns for U.S. processors, who also look to tap a bin-busting harvest in Western Canada. U.S. farmers planted 1.3 million acres of canola in 2013, but unfavourable weather prevented them planting the crop on 426,711 acres, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Services […] Read more

Maple Leaf Foods loss, sales disappoint

Canadian food processor Maple Leaf Foods reported a disappointing quarterly loss on July 31, hurt by weak returns on raising pigs. North American hog farmers have been hard pressed to survive losses in the past year, due to at-times soaring costs of corn and wheat tied to last year’s U.S. drought, and weak pig prices. […] Read more

Canada wins China canola access, sees Russia meat barriers

Canada has not ruled out WTO action against Russia for banning meat 
from Canadian plants over ractopamine

China has softened its three-year-old import restrictions on Canadian canola, while Russia is set to erect barriers to some of Canada’s biggest meat-packing plants, Canadian Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz said April 16. 
 China approved one additional oilseed-crushing plant, the 600,000-tonne CNOOC-Biolux plant in Nantong, Jiangsu province, to accept shipments of Canadian canola seed, a […] Read more