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Biocontrols often also invasive

They seem to be being unintentionally introduced the same way their prey is

Regulatory limits to the introduction of biocontrols like parasitic wasps may prove to be a moot point. They could already be being unintentionally released into Canada along with their prey. Paul Abram, of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, has been looking for native predators for the brown marmorated stink bug, a pest introduced to B.C. in […] Read more

PHOTOS: Fifty sleighs converge on Riding Mountain National Park

The annual event known as the world’s largest sleigh ride is a fitting capstone to winter

Just before the warmer weather began to move in, a total of 50 sleighs converged at the base of the Sugar Loaf Hills in Riding Mountain National Park, along with 20 saddle riders, for the annual event that’s said to be the world’s largest sleigh ride. Thirty of the teams travelled north from the Rossburn […] Read more

Will and Jen Bergmann named 2019 Manitoba OYF winners

The pair has embraced local food and social media to promote farming

A Glenlea couple is Manitoba’s 2019 Outstanding Young Farmers. Will and Jen Bergmann of Bergmann Bros. were named the winners of the provincial award earlier this month at an event at the Elkhorn Resort. Will Bergmann grew up on the family operation, south of Winnipeg, and he and Jen returned to the farm about seven […] Read more

Roquette boosts plant beauty products

The company behind a Portage la Prairie pea-processing plant is going into the plant-based cosmetics business in a big way. Roquette recently announced a “strengthened” arrangement with Sytheon, a U.S.-based specialty ingredient company for the personal care market in a media release. The two are partnering to produce cosmetic ingredients and cosmetic products derived from […] Read more

Fungi fight plants

These symbiotes are also sometimes screens when it comes to establishing plant ranges

Fungi can help plants thrive — but it turns out they can also filter them out. That’s according to new research from an international team of researchers led by Germany’s University of Göttingen. The results appeared in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution. For example, in the colonization of islands by plant species, it isn’t […] Read more

Discover a new world with Columbus Wheat

Our History: February 1983

Columbus wheat was available for wide distribution in 1983, with attributes including yield higher than Neepawa, rust resistance and improved resistance to sprouting. Proposed changes to the Crow freight rate dominated news that month, with delegates to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture annual meeting rejecting an acreage-based subsidy in favour of paying it to railways […] Read more

Colder cold snaps under climate change?

The downside of climate change could have a bigger-than-expected effect on nature

When it comes to global warming, it would appear the effect of cold temperature variability is being severely underestimated. A team of researchers from Binghamton University, State University of New York, say public attention often focuses on the effect of rising average temperatures. The researchers discovered that cold temperatures make amphibians more susceptible to road […] Read more

PHOTOS: This Old Elevator: February 2019

The Manitoba Historical Society wants to gather information about all the grain elevators in Manitoba

In the 1950s, there were over 700 grain elevators in Manitoba. Today, there are fewer than 200. You can help to preserve the legacy of these disappearing “Prairie sentinels.” The Manitoba Historical Society (MHS) is gathering information about all elevators that ever stood in Manitoba, regardless of their present status. Collaborating with the Manitoba Co-operator it is supplying these […] Read more

Brandon University researchers looking at men’s mental health

Participants sought to support the study on mental health concerns in the Prairie provinces

Researchers at Brandon University are looking for men in the Westman region of Manitoba who would be willing to participate in a project exploring the stress men can experience. The research team is looking for men willing to participate in small group discussions or share their story one on one, with an overall aim of […] Read more

Dayton Dozer blades for your tractor

Our History: February 1964

This Dayton utility dozer blade was advertised in our February 1964 issues. The lead story on our Feb. 13 front page reported that a legislative commitee on livestock marketing in Manitoba had recommended that a provincial hog-marketing commission be established to inject more competition into the marketplace. However, it did not recommend a producer-controlled board. […] Read more