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Seed your winter wheat with the “ideal, no-till drill”

Our History: July 1986

The Amazone drill advertised in our July 10, 1986 issue was said to be ideal for no-till, minimum-till and conventional seeding. The ad noted that the company also produced several other types of equipment, all of the same width so that they could be used for tramline operation. A controversy over canola producer cars was […] Read more

Barley not barium

The familiar cereal crop can also be an imaging agent for medical tests

Toasted barley could aid the medical field in diagnosing certain medical conditions. That’s because the toasted grain, when struck by a common laser beam, illuminates the throat and gastrointestinal tract. The discovery could improve the ability to diagnose swallowing disorders, which affect millions, as well as gut disorders. What’s more, because many human diets already […] Read more

Tired of forking bales in the heat?

Our History: June 1963

Advertised in our June 13, 1963 issue, this McKee Grassland Harvester from McKee Harvesting Systems in Elm Creek offered one-man operation, saving the work of forking or slugging bales. We reported great concern about seeding progress following heavy rains over much of the province, especially east of Portage la Prairie and north of Highway 1 […] Read more

PHOTOS: This Old Elevator: June 2018

The Manitoba Historical Society wants to gather information about all the grain elevators in Manitoba

In the 1950s, there were over 700 grain elevators in Manitoba. Today, there are fewer than 200. You can help to preserve the legacy of these disappearing “Prairie sentinels.” The Manitoba Historical Society (MHS) is gathering information about all elevators that ever stood in Manitoba, regardless of their present status. Collaborating with the Manitoba Co-operator it is supplying these […] Read more

STARS donation

Manitoba farm family issues challenge to support STARS

Portage la Prairie farm donating the profits from a 40-acre soybean crop 
to support the air ambulance service

A Manitoba farm family is donating proceeds from a crop to support the STARS air ambulance program and issuing a challenge to other farms to do the same. They’ve planted 40 acres of soybeans and will donate the net profits to STARS, said Jill Verwey of Verwey Farms in the Portage la Prairie area. STARS […] Read more

Pick up the phone, join the party

Our History: June 1951

You’ll have to explain this to the grandkids — this ad from our June 7, 1951 issue offered tips on party line etiquette, reminding rural subscribers with magneto telephones to ring off rather than using the push button when completing a call, as well as to replace the receiver gently so as not to disturb […] Read more

Rice’s nutritional value decreases in higher CO2 concentrations

Researchers examine how climate change can impact dietary quality of crops

Rice grown at higher carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations, like those possible later this century, has lower nutritional value, according to a recent study. Notably, some varieties of rice seemed to react differently to increased levels of CO2, say the study’s authors, showing relatively smaller decreases in nutritional value. The finding that rice’s nutritional quality can […] Read more

Controlling cattle pests vital

Left untreated, pests can cause significant loss in production

Integrated pest management concepts that are commonplace for controlling crop pests also apply to controlling livestock pests, North Dakota State University Extension livestock and pest management specialists say. Those key concepts for controlling pests effectively are using the right type of control at the right time for the right duration. “Many livestock producers apply pest […] Read more

New grain facility comes to Homewood

Our History: June 1950

The elevator still stands, but without the Pool logo — this photo from the official opening of the expanded Manitoba Pool facility at Homewood appeared in our June 26, 1980 issue. It wasn’t likely to see a lot of business that year — much of the issue was devoted to coverage of a severe drought […] Read more