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Frozen soils might be major emitter

A University of Manitoba study has discovered 
the previously overlooked emissions

A new study suggests global greenhouse emission calculations have overlooked an important aspect of the agricultural sector. Emissions, especially of the key gas nitrous oxide, may in fact be about 17 to 28 per cent greater for cultivated soils frozen in winter than currently thought. Mario Tenuta, professor in applied soil ecology at the University […] Read more

Fishing derby draws crowd

The Rivers Northern Pike Fish Derby saw a good crowd again this year

There were 189 registered contestants in the Rivers and Area Game and Fish Association 10th annual Northern Pike Fish Derby on Mar. 10 on Lake Wahtopanah. A total of 37 fish were caught during the five-hour derby. This year’s winner was Wade Turner of Brandon, hooking an 83.2-cm pike. Proceeds from the event are used […] Read more

Make the most of seeding into stubble

Our History: March 1961

Summerfallow was still a common part of the rotation in 1961, but for those seeding into stubble, this ad from our March 30 issue reminded them that they needed nitrogen and suggested they leave an unfertilized check strip to confirm the difference. An article quoting Manitoba Department of Agriculture specialists reinforced the advice. It said […] Read more

Dashing through the snow

Canada’s largest sleigh ride is bigger and better than ever

It’s touted as the largest sleigh ride in Canada, but to participants in this year’s 20th anniversary event Mar. 4 near Riding Mountain National Park, it’s pure and simple winter fun. Close to 300 people attended this year, and a total of 56 sleighs and horse teams. Participants departed from both north of Rossburn and […] Read more

NDSU Extension offers tips on controlling lice in cattle

The problem has been an ongoing issue this winter 
for your ranching neighbours to the south

Ranchers in neighbouring North Dakota have been battling continual lice infestations this winter, even though they have treated their cattle. “Some have even treated more than once and are still seeing the effects of lice in their livestock,” says Ashley Ueckert, a North Dakota State University Extension Service agent in Golden Valley County. Unfortunately, lice […] Read more

Extraterrestrial potato production studied

Researchers from Peru’s potato centres and NASA are trying to 
grow spuds in conditions that mimic Mars

In a move that mirrors the Matt Damon blockbuster “The Martian,” researchers are trying to prove potatoes can grow on Mars. The International Potato Center (CIP) recently launched a series of experiments to discover if potatoes can grow under Mars atmospheric conditions. CIP’s proof of concept experiment to grow potatoes in simulated Martian conditions began […] Read more

Wild oat chemical control options

Our History: March 1974

Your wild oat chemical control options in 1974 included Avadex, Treflan, Avenge (barley only), Endaven (wheat), Asulox (flax) and Carbyne, a post-emergent product from Gulf. In our March 7 issue, an article by Elmer Stobbe of the University of Manitoba discussed the “billion-dollar problem” of wild oats on the Prairies, and reviewed the chemical options […] Read more

Planned mutations can increase crop options

The most common food crops benefited from natural mutations and modern technology could aid this process

There are more than 300,000 plant species in existence, but just three — rice, wheat and corn — account for almost all of the plant matter consumed by humans. In no small part that’s because natural mutations arose making these crops the easiest to harvest. But with gene editing technology like CRISPR, researchers suggest we […] Read more

Canada’s top seed disinfectant

Our History: March 1953

Your seed treatment options in this ad from our March 12, 1953 issue included mercury-based Ceresan and Benesan, or C-I-L Bunt Cure, which was a non-mercurial treatment for wheat costing three cents an acre. Among the front page news items that week was the death of Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin at age 73, introduction of […] Read more

Farm Products Marketing Council board members shuffled

There’s a new chair, vice-chair and directors for the organization

The board of the Farm Products Marketing Council has been shaken up by the provincial government. Provincial Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler has named a new chair and directors and named one of the existing board members vice-chair. “The newly appointed chair, vice-chair and directors for the Manitoba Farm Products Marketing Council will serve an important […] Read more