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Discount long-distance after dark

Our History: January 1972

This ad in our January 13, 1972 issue urged readers to take advantage of lower long-distance rates on evenings and Sundays. While we couldn’t find statistics on local Manitoba calls, a three-minute Winnipeg-to-Montreal call cost $2.75 in 1970, which is $18 today. Farmers would have a bit more money for phone calls after an announcement […] Read more

Clanwilliam-Erickson beef operation honoured at MCDA 2018 convention

Nine awards for land stewardship were presented at the MCDA December 11

John and Adele Popp who operate a beef operation in the Municipality of Clanwilliam-Erickson are the recipients of the Little Saskatchewan Conservation District 2018 award for their land stewardship practices. The couple has owned Popp Farms Ltd. since 1998, a farm started by John’s parents in 1983, and today farm with their children Viktor and […] Read more

Canada puts out call for British agricultural families

Our History: January 1928

The Scoop Shovel, which later became the Manitoba Co-operator, carried this ad from the Department of Immigration and Colonization in the January 1928 issue. It said that Canada wanted more British agricultural families, farm workers and house workers, and invited nominees who could have passage paid at different rates to different locations in Canada. A […] Read more

Wild bees need stronger pesticide regulation

Pesticide regulations designed to protect honeybees fail to account for potential health threats to the full diversity of bee species that are even more important pollinators

Pesticide regulations designed to protect honeybees fail to account for potential health threats posed to other, even more important pollinators, according to a trio of research papers from the University of Guelph. As the global human population grows, and as pollinators continue to suffer declines caused by everything from habitat loss to pathogens, regulators need […] Read more

Go malting

Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre issues annual variety list to aid growers

Pondering what barley variety to sow this spring? The Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC) has released its annual list of malting barley varieties that hold the most promise for producers in terms of performance, quality and marketability. The 2019-20 edition includes varieties that have been pilot-scale tested by the CMBTC and which exhibit good […] Read more

A holiday message from Eaton’s

Our History: December 1955

What goes around, comes around. Mail order is big business these days, as it was in the 1950s, but the dominant supplier then was Eaton’s, not Amazon. This ad thanking farmers for their business ran in our Dec. 22, 1955 issue. The front page that week carried a report from the Manitoba Agronomists Conference, which […] Read more

Chickens herald of the Anthropocene era

Consumption of chickens signals new geological epoch, according to research led by the University of Leicester

There’s a proposal to declare a new man-made geological period to be dubbed the “Anthropocene” in recognition of human influence. Research by scientist Carys Bennett of the University of Leicester suggests breeding and consumption of modern broiler chickens signals the shift. “As the most numerous terrestrial vertebrate species on the planet, with a biology shaped […] Read more

PHOTOS: This Old Elevator: December 2018

The Manitoba Historical Society wants to gather information about all the grain elevators in Manitoba

In the 1950s, there were over 700 grain elevators in Manitoba. Today, there are fewer than 200. You can help to preserve the legacy of these disappearing “Prairie sentinels.” The Manitoba Historical Society (MHS) is gathering information about all elevators that ever stood in Manitoba, regardless of their present status. Collaborating with the Manitoba Co-operator it is supplying these […] Read more

MPSG receives extension awards

Two publications got the nod from the American Society of Agronomy

Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers is celebrating a pair of extension awards from the American Society of Agronomy (ASA). The association’s publication Pulse Beat: The Science Edition won the ASA award in the category of publications: circular, fact sheet, or brochure greater than 16 pages. And the association’s Soybean Staging Guide & Maturity Guide and […] Read more

PHOTOS: A pioneer Christmas

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum hosts this annual event

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum has been celebrating the Christmas season with its annual Christmas Homesteaders’ Village event at Austin. For more than five years the group celebrates the season with the annual event to give attendees a glimpse into the lives of the early rural pioneers on the weekends leading up to Christmas. For many […] Read more