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Urban centres — and the urban poor — are at the most risk from heat waves, a recent online event heard.

Heat wave Harry?

As temperatures soar, naming the threat may save lives

Giving heat waves names and strength ratings, as for hurricanes, could drive home the spiking danger from a threat that kills more people in the United States each year than storms and floods but rarely hits headlines, heat experts say. “People do not understand this risk and we need to change that,” said Kathy Baughman

Weather: The hottest Manitoba summers

There isn’t a clear-cut definition of what makes a heat wave

For the first time in a while, I am going off grid and enjoying the great outdoors. So, this time around I am digging back and refreshing an older article about the warmest Manitoba summers. So far this year, using Winnipeg as a data point, we have the beginnings of a hot summer, but August

A warm summer, but not record breaking

Was this summer the warmest in recent memory? Well, that depends how you define ‘summer’

Well, summer is now officially over, so it is time to look back at the weather numbers and see just how warm and dry this summer has been. From a climatic or meteorological view, summer is three months long and encompasses the months of June, July and August. Just like winter, summer can be stretched

These sunflowers appear to have thrived during the recent heat wave.

A record-breaking heat wave

It’s not yet clear whether we’re done with these summer hot spells

In the last article we began discussing summer temperatures across the Prairies, and the warm/hot daytime high temperatures we’ve seen since mid-May. It seems like Mother Nature decided to pipe in by bringing one heck of a record-breaking heat wave to the southern and central Prairies from Aug. 10 to 12. Just what brought the

Forecast: The summer of 2018 so far

Let’s take a look at how the weather numbers are 
adding up in this atypical season

It’s been an interesting summer so far across the Prairies. After a very cold start to spring, summer moved in early, with temperatures across all three Prairie provinces soaring to well-above-average values in May. The question then became whether we’d see the warm temperatures continue into summer or would we see a return of the