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Chicago style hot dog with deli mustard and green relish

Bakers, farmers struggle to make a little dough

A poor crop is wreaking havoc on bakers and creating market opportunities for high-protein wheat

Chicago’s iconic sandwiches — Italian beef heroes dripping with gravy, and hotdogs loaded with pickles and hot peppers — wouldn’t be such culinary institutions without the bread. But this fall, bakers faced a crisis getting the right kind of bread to delis and sandwich shops locally and across the United States. Gonnella Baking Co. — […] Read more

U.S. crop insurance guarantees push big acres

Reuters / Crop insurance that guarantees prices for the 2013 growing season should encourage U.S. farmers to again plant a large number of acres, with soybeans possibly claiming ground from corn, analysts said. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency set the guarantees March 1, which act as the “floor price” for crop insurance […] Read more

Booming Ethanol Biz Alters Corn Use Patterns

U. S . A g r i c u l t u r e Department officials faced criticism over recent forecasts that have roiled the grains market, saying that the explosive growth of the ethanol sector had upended traditional patterns. The robust growth of the ethanol sector in the last few years has altered the […] Read more

Global Food Inflation To Return After Brief Respite

Red-hot food inflation that has vexed policy-makers around the world seemed to take a breather last month, when corn and wheat prices tumbled on reports that crop shortages were easing. The sell-off was also driven by global economic worries that prompted funds to exit grains in droves. But prices are climbing again, and have already […] Read more

Bidding War Heats Up For Low U.S. Corn Supplies

Abidding war is heating up among users of corn in the United States as livestock feeders and ethanol makers scramble to lock in supplies before extremely low stocks run dry by this summer. And it could escalate even more with any delay in harvesting the crop in the flood-ravaged U.S. South, or if China steps […] Read more

U. S. Grain Trade Gauging La Niña Risk

Grain traders are concerned that a La Nińa weather event could produce hotter, drier weather in the U. S. Midwest this summer, potentially lowering crop yields. During a La Nińa, a cooling of sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean alters weather patterns around the globe. Grain traders associate La Nińa with warmer and […] Read more

Little Damage From Chill In U. S. Plains

Frosty temperatures in the U. S. corn belt and the southern Plains wheat belt may have been cold enough to cause scattered minor crop damage over the weekend but nothing significant, a private forecaster said May 10. “It did not come in as cold as we were thinking in those western areas,” said Mike Palmerino, […] Read more

Low-Quality Feed Puts Hogs Off

Apoor-quality 2009 U. S. corn crop is putting hogs in the Midwest off their feed, slowing growth and contributing to higher pork prices for consumers. Average hog weights are down only slightly from a year ago. But producers and analysts say hogs are taking a longer time to reach market weight due to low-quality feed. […] Read more

U. S. Wheat Farmers Struggle With Low-Protein Crop

Farmers in the northern U. S. Plains are harvesting a bin-busting spring wheat crop, but much of it has a lower-than-normal protein content, which lowers its value, industry experts said. “We have one of the lowest average protein contents that we’ve had in the spring wheat crop in years,” said Mike Krueger, president of the […] Read more