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The Cockshutt five-bottom auto lift engine gang plow

This innovative design let one operator run the tractor and multiple plows at once

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum collection contains a Cockshutt five-bottom auto lift engine gang plow donated by Charles Hefford of Miami, Manitoba. Charles Hefford Jr. was the son of Charles Hefford, who was an early resident of the Miami area. Charles’ father was a boat captain on the Great Lakes who drowned in Lake Superior during

A Cockshutt ad from 1919 advertising the company’s car loader. Major companies such as Cockshutt as well as small manufacturers made portable elevators,
an indication of the size of the market for such machinery.

When loading a producer car was a lot more work

Loading 1,800 bushels within 24 hours meant several trips by horse and wagon at 100 bushels at a time

Producer cars were popular with farmers in the early days of the grain trade. They could receive better prices by avoiding elevation charges and having grain weighed by Board of Grain Commissioners employees. However, there were downsides. Producers had to have sufficient grain of one type and grade to load a car. While they could

Cockshutt horse-drawn disc and drag harrows

Our History: May 1927

The May 1927 issue of The Scoop Shovel also featured advertisements for tractors and automobiles, but horse-drawn implements were still featured, such as these Cockshutt disc and drag harrows. The issue featured extensive coverage of addresses to the International Wheat Pool conference in Kansas City, including speeches by the presidents of the three Prairie wheat

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White Farm Equipment was “here to stay”

Our History: March 1984

This advertisement from White Farm Equipment in our March 1, 1984 issue assured customers that despite three tough years of poor market conditions, the company was in it for the long term. White was originally formed from Oliver, Cockshutt and Minneapolis-Moline. Today White is an AGCO brand. Our front page that week had a photo