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White Farm Equipment was “here to stay”

Our History: March 1984

vintage newspaper advertisement for farm equipment

This advertisement from White Farm Equipment in our March 1, 1984 issue assured customers that despite three tough years of poor market conditions, the company was in it for the long term. White was originally formed from Oliver, Cockshutt and Minneapolis-Moline. Today White is an AGCO brand.

Our front page that week had a photo of a flooded field with a cutline of “early thaws caught many by surprise.” There were no other references to weather but a story in the next issue said no flooding was expected on the Red and Assiniboine.

Elsewhere we reported on toughened regulations to control cheating the provincial beef stabilization plan. There were higher payments for yearlings, leading to “mistakes” in reporting the age of calves, as well as higher payments for steers. One producer had reported marketings of 140 per cent of his registered herd, which were all steers. “Everyone wanted to see the bull that could perform such a feat,” said the marketing manager of the Manitoba Beef Commission.

The Manitoba Farm Bureau was on its way to final dissolution — on March 8 we reported that Federated Co-operatives had withdrawn, following the earlier departure of Manitoba Pool and UGG. Interim head Bert Hall had met with Agriculture Minister Sam Uskiw to ask for support to implement a new organization with direct farmer membership, and Uskiw had asked for evidence of support.

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