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If expenses are adding up and you’re looking for financial support, one of these programs could help your situation.

Fifteen COVID-relief programs for farmers and their employees

A KAP seminar listed and explained the many programs designed to help farmers weather the effects of the pandemic

Many federal and provincial programs exist to help producers pay employee wages or recoup lost income because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but with the speed those have rolled out and evolved, farmers may not know which is best for them or how to apply. “It can be a little overwhelming to keep track of that

While the most concerning proposed small corporation tax reforms have been shelved there are still a couple of areas of concern, MNP accountant Mike Poole told KAP’s recent advisory council meeting.

Still some potential pitfalls in proposed federal tax reforms

Accountant hopes effects are manageable

The federal government’s revised tax change proposals have got rid of the most egregious problems, but a few provisions could still cost farmers money. That’s according to Mike Poole, a Brandon-based accountant with MNP, at a recent Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) advisory meeting. “I think it’s relatively small and manageable,” Poole told reporters after speaking

Commercial importation changes aren’t a big deal — if you’re aware of them and 
fill the forms out ahead of time.

Heads up for farmers, businesses about commercial imports from the U.S.

A farm couple who didn’t know about changes introduced in March 2016 
recommends getting an import number and filling out a B3 form in advance to save time

Roland farmers Bob and Shelley Bartley want to get the word out to fellow farmers and other business owners about paperwork changes when commercially importing from the United States. Their advice is to get an importer and exporter number from the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and do the paperwork in advance of importing goods.

Cca Establishing Charitable Foundation

The western way of life is renowned for its warm and giving nature, and at their semi-annual meeting in Calgary, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) approved the formation of an arm’s length charitable foundation. “It’s a means for people to put money towards the industry. It provides a tool for people who want to put

Tax Deferrals For Excess Moisture Victims

The federal government is offering tax deferrals to livestock producers in designated areas of Manitoba who are struggling as a result of excess moisture. This support comes while governments continue working closely to assess the impact of excess moisture to determine what additional assistance is required. “The spring of 2011 was very difficult for our

Federal Government Expands List Of Eligible RMs

The federal government has added nine more moisture-stressed municipalities in western Manitoba and one in central Saskatchewan to the list of RMs eligible for tax deferrals from the sale of livestock. The Manitoba additions include the municipalities of Albert , Arther, Brenda, Cameron, Edward, Pipestone, Sifton, Winchester and Kelsey. The tax deferral allows eligible producers

Back To The Data Mine – for Sep. 16, 2010

Those who feel there’s not much for farmers in Manitoba to laugh about these days need only wait until seeding time next year. Don’t take that as a guarantee that the rain will actually start and stop when and where it’s needed, but rather, that you can expect something funny to land in your mailbox

Just Plain Common Sense

When governments come forward with programs to help those in need, in this case farmers, we’d like to believe they are developed with the best of intentions. But it seems those good intentions are routinely smothered in what could only be called games bureaucracies play in the name of protecting the public purse. We don’t

Farming The Weather

Once more, the fickle Manitoba winter unleashed its fury last week, leaving closed highways and schools in its wake. For the uninitiated, it was hell frozen over. For the hardy Manitoban, it was a good day to zip up the coat. The tractor still had to start, the chores still needed doing, and every doorway

Pigeon King summoned to court

James and Wilma Wiersma have become the centre of attention for about 450 people who hold personal contracts with Arlen Galbraith, the Pigeon King from Waterloo, Ont. The Wiersmas have done what many hoped someone could do: petition Galbraith into personal bankruptcy. Galbraith, however, is fighting the petition and his lawyer is preparing for a