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Back To The Data Mine – for Sep. 16, 2010

Those who feel there’s not much for farmers in Manitoba to laugh about these days need only wait until seeding time next year. Don’t take that as a guarantee that the rain will actually start and stop when and where it’s needed, but rather, that you can expect something funny to land in your mailbox

Your Door Is Ajar

DAVE BEDARD It’s not been much fun in retail these past few years for those selling fertilizer to farmers. If you had to restock when prices skyrocketed, then deal with outraged farmers who declined to pay those prices, you’d start to wonder how the next growing season would pan out. If you were then stuck

Give Us The Tax Break And No One Gets Hurt

DAVE BEDARD It’s hard not to sympathize with the folks in the province’s general farm organization as it lobbies on farmers’ behalf. Given all the “wedge issues” in farm policy, when you strive to stake out a position that a majority of farmers can support, the positions you adopt won’t generally lend themselves to a