John Deere improves guidance with AutoPath

System stores exact row positions for more accurate in-season passes

John Deere’s AutoPath guidance records the actual position of crop rows and stores the information, allowing for more accurate in-season passes during spraying and harvesting. Photo: John Deere

John Deere has introduced AutoPath, a row guidance system to help improve seeding, spraying and harvest accuracy.

After the system stores the location of crop row lines, it allows for subsequent field passes to be based upon actual recorded row locations rather than a conventional A-B line, which may or may not correctly represent the planted row positions due to implement drift on sidehills or around curves.

This saves the operator time in setting up guidance lines when starting later field operations in standing crops during the growing season.

“When using AutoPath, guidance lines are automatically created from a map of crop row lines for each field,” said John Mishler, precision ag marketing manager for John Deere, in a news release.

“These mapped row lines are used to automatically create guidance lines for the entire field for all other in-field passes, such as spraying or harvesting operations later in the year. Using this solution, operators know which rows to start on and can precisely follow the auto-generated guidance lines, regardless of the field application or machine width.”

Because AutoPath records precise row positions, crop damage is reduced by minimizing or eliminating off-track passes.

“Operators can use implements and platforms of different sizes or widths for subsequent field operations since AutoPath automatically adjusts the row guidance lines based on each machine’s size,” Mishler adds. “It helps operators automatically find the right row.”

This article was originally published at Grainews.

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