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Not over yet:

Manitoba Health advises the H1N1 virus has continued to circulate across the province and serious illness has continued to occur. Many Manitobans have yet to be vaccinated and up to half of Manitobans may continue to be susceptible. All Manitobans who need, want and are expected to benefit from the H1N1 flu shot should get it as soon as is practical. Manitobans should contact their physician or regional health authority to get up-to-date information on where the flu shot is available. – Manitoba Government release

Crop quality for 2009:

Canadian Grain Commission inspection specialists reported that the quality of the 2009 harvest was better than expected. Despite lower-than-average temperatures between June and August, above-average temperatures in September helped extend the growing season, ensuring good crop quality. Based on the Harvest Survey samples received by the Canadian Grain Commission, the majority of samples for all grain types graded in the top two grades. – CGC release

Consider markets:

The new president of the National Farmers Union wants the approval process for genetically modified crops to consider their potential for market harm. Terry Boehm told the House of Commons Agriculture Committee flax farmers have been hit hard by the sudden closure of the European market to Canadian exports after the discovery of a non-approved GM flax. With the possibility of GM wheat on the horizon, he said the likelihood of GM contamination could spell unprecedented disaster for the large Canadian export wheat market.

Co-operative year:

The federal government has added support for proclaiming 2012 the International Year of Co-operatives. The resolution will be considered by the UN General Assembly later this month. “Canada supports the proposed adoption of the UN resolution entitled ‘Co-operatives in Social Development’ that aims at urging governments to create a supportive environment for the development of co-operatives,” said Jean Pierre Blackburn, minister of national revenue, minister of state (agriculture) and minister responsible for co-operatives.

Incumbents back:

Manitoba canola growers have re-elected incumbent candidates Brian Chorney, Ed Rempel, Ernie Sirski, and Wilfred Harder after their association’s first election using preferential balloting. Of 8,935 ballots mailed out, there were 1,644 returned. Ballots were counted Dec. 11 at Meyers Norris and Penny LLP. Candidate Eduard Hiebert was eliminated on the first count, while candidate Hugh Drake was eliminated after the second round. President Ron Pettinger said the election procedures will be reviewed to determine if changes are needed.



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