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While most Canadians favour putting a price on greenhouse gas pollution, some producers argue that carbon pricing will keep increasing costs of inputs, transport, heating and grain drying.

Opinion: Court puts Prairie provinces on carbon spot

The Supreme Court of Canada has given some provincial governments additional incentive to develop their own carbon plans. In a 6-3 split decision on March 25, the high court ruled the 2018 law putting a floor price on carbon emissions is constitutional. Prairie premiers upset with the decision will now have to develop and implement

Editorial: Effective ag stabilization programs a must

It’s tempting to look into the shadows for a deep, dark conspiracy behind the three Prairie provinces’ reluctance to fully support AgriStability. The farm income support program, cost shared 60-40 by the federal and provincial governments, compensates participating farmers if their farm income minus eligible expenses drops below a certain threshold. Farmers and their organizations

Drying costs can’t be passed on to buyers so Canadian farmers have argued a carbon tax puts them at a competitive disadvantage.

MP Philip Lawrence defends drying bill at committee

Bill sponsor MP Lawrence says farmers are paying a disproportionate share of the carbon tax

A law intending to offer financial relief from carbon pricing for farmers drying grain was the focus of a recent parliamentary committee. On March 9, MPs sitting on the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food had a chance to question the bill’s creator, Conservative MP Philip Lawrence. The proposed law reached committee after receiving support from each party outside

Opinion: Uncertainty plaguing key ag files

Uncertainty remains a key component in several of the federal minister of agriculture’s files. A little more than two years into her current role, Marie-Claude Bibeau has been unable to gain the provincial support needed to find a solution for Canada’s business risk management programs. As she noted herself recently, it has been over 100

Opinion: Dairy producers should be more transparent

Opinion: Dairy producers should be more transparent

A closed-doors annual meeting sends the wrong message at a crucial time

Canada’s dairy industry continues to receive financial and moral support from taxpayers and consumers; but producers should recognize the role transparency plays in ensuring that relationship remains healthy. The Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC), set to receive billions of dollars in direct payments from Canadian taxpayers, recently held its 2021 annual policy meeting behind closed

According to the Impact Canada website, over half of all food in Canada is wasted every year.

Large turnout for Food Waste Reduction Challenge applications

The federal government has received 343 applications under its Food Waste Reduction Challenge. An initiative under the Food Policy for Canada, the $20-million initiative was launched in November 2020 to accelerate and advance “diverse and high-impact solutions” to food waste in Canada. Up to $10.8 million will be awarded under Streams A and B to

“I think there is an opportunity for our farmers to be recognized for all the efforts they are doing to reduce their emissions... ” – Marie-Claude Bibeau.

Bibeau announces Greenhouse Gas Offset System

The minister says this will be an opportunity for farmers to generate carbon credits

The federal government is developing a Greenhouse Gas Offset System program for farmers. “It could offer important opportunities for farmers to generate carbon offset credits,” federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau told Keystone Agricultural Producers’ (KAP) online annual meeting Jan. 26. “Over the coming weeks we will publish regulations for comment, and one of the first offset credit proposals under development

“The proposed short-term changes do not address many of the outstanding issues associated with the program.” – Blaine Pedersen

In or out? KAP wants to know Pedersen’s stance on AgriStability proposal

Bill Campbell wants a straight answer on where the Manitoba government stands on AgriStability. “I’ve been through various cycles in agriculture, but I have also appreciated the truth and honesty far more than delaying and not being able to respond to the situation with all sincerity,” the president of Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) said Jan.

Manitoba’s ag minister turns thumbs down on Bibeau’s AgriStability proposal 

Twenty Manitoba farm groups urged Blaine Pedersen to endorse the short-term fix

[UPDATED: Jan. 27, 2021] Manitoba agriculture minister Blaine Pedersen has rejected Manitoba farmers’ calls to implement the federal government’s proposal to improve AgriStability. In a Jan. 17 letter to Pedersen obtained by the Manitoba Co-operator, 20 Manitoba farm organizations, including the Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP), “strongly” encouraged Pedersen to “to ratify the changes to AgriStability

Canada Summer Jobs Program open to farmers

Canada Summer Jobs Program open to farmers

Some changes made in response to COVID job losses kept from last year

Farmers and agricultural businesses can apply for wage subsidies through the Canada Summer Jobs Program until January 29. The program will pay qualifying businesses up to 75 per cent of the provincial minimum hourly wage to provide summer jobs for people between age 15 and 30. Last year public health order closed businesses and put