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Exemplary effort:

Trish Jordan, Monsanto Canada’s director of public and industry affairs, received the Grassroots Award from Crop Life Canada Dec. 2 in Calgary. The award recognizes “exemplary effort” in promoting plant science technology. CropLife chair Jim Wispinski said Jordan not only supports agriculture and technology, “she has graciously taken on the role of defender. If you had an opportunity to deal with Trish you know that she is a true believer in the opportunities that exist in our industry and she is committed to sharing that message.”

No HST for Manitoba:

A harmonized sales tax would impose $405 million in additional taxes on Manitoba consumers, a provincial report says. While businesses would benefit over all, those benefits would be unevenly distributed. “We are not prepared to risk the economic recovery by undermining Manitoba’s growing consumer confidence,” Finance Minister Roseann Wowchuk said. In a statement, Progressive Conservative Leader Hugh McFayden agreed now is not the time to increase taxes. The full report is available at bunch: Manitoba is Canada’s most generous province for the 10th year in a row, according to the 2009 Generosity Index produced by the Fraser Institute. The report shows Manitoba has the highest percentage of tax filers among all provinces donating to registered charities (27.3 per cent) and highest percentage of aggregate income donated at 1.02 per cent.

At the national level, the U. S. surpasses Canada with 26.6 per cent of U. S. tax filers donating to charity compared to 24.0 per cent of Canadian tax filers. Barley boost: The federal government has invested $400,000 into the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre to help with the evaluation and promotion of new varieties. This investment will help CMBTC evaluate and promote new varieties that Canadian growers can plant and export to new niche markets around the world. The project will target key markets in Taiwan and India and provide export and technical support for Canadian producers, a federal release says. Rob McCaig, CMBTC’s managing director, welcomed the support.

Tax deferrals available:

The federal budget received royal assent Dec. 16, which clears the way for a number of measures, including extending the tax deferral option for farmers in designated areas forced to sell livestock due to drought to farmers in designated flood areas as well. Also approved was the Home Renovation Tax Credit, and the First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit. A bill extending Employment Insurance benefits to self-employed also received final approval last week.



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