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Bison farmer fined

Staff / A McCreary farmer has been fined $1,000 in provincial court for failing to submit his bison herd to Canadian Food Inspection Agency officials for inspection and testing for bovine tuberculosis.

Ron Chotka pled guilty and was fined under the Health of Animals Act Dec. 19, 2011, a CFIA release says. Livestock owners are required to provide CFIA inspectors with “reasonable assistance” in carrying out their duties.

U.S. beef, pork exports to Japan jump

tokyo / reuters / U.S. meat exporters expect beef export volumes to Japan to jump about a quarter this year as they see a strong chance Tokyo will relax import curbs on ebbing concerns of mad cow disease, the head of a key U.S. export group said on April 11.

Japan now only allows imports of U.S. and Canadian beef from cattle aged 20 months or less, but its Food Safety Commission (FSC) is assessing the risk of easing the limit to 30 months.

Although the rules, in place since 2005, freed up U.S. beef imports after a total ban in 2003, they have capped U.S. imports while Australian beef has largely retained its dominant market share in Japan’s 500,000-tonnes-a-year market for imported beef.

The federation expects U.S. beef exports to Japan to rise to 150,000 tonnes this year from 120,000 in 2011, said Philip Seng, chairman of the U.S. Meat Export Federation, taking into account the chance of deregulation of the import curbs.

U.S. pork exports to Japan to rise to 340,000 tonnes in 2012, up five per cent from a year earlier. The United States last year took a share of 41 per cent in Japan’s imported pork market of 793,000 tonnes, or 416 billion yen ($5.1 billion) by value, official trade data show.



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