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Good demand for sheep and goats

Under 80



110 + lbs.:

95 110 lbs.:

80 94 lbs.:

70 79 lbs.:

60 69 lbs.:

50 59 lbs.:

$66 to $147

$152.55 to $163.35


$119.07 to $136.17

$112.32 to $120.75

$72 to $96

$62.28 to $57.96

The Christmas and New Year season has past, the new market target is Easter.

The Christmas and New Year season has past, the new market target is Easter. The demand was high for the January 21, 2010 Winnipeg Livestock Auction and the supply of sheep and goats was limited for this sale, thus causing some good bidding.

A group of three young Dorper-cross ewes caused major interest from the audience and strong bidding. These 98-pound ewes, brought $132.30 ($1.35/ lb.); while the price of the older ewes, was in the range $0.70 -$0.55/lb.

There was only one ram in the sale. The Suffolk-cross ram, 205 pounds, brought $155.80 ($0.76/lb.).

The bidding came from all parts/ sections of the audience – the auctioneer’s eyes had to keep watching for those bidding signals. Plus, the individual group of animals in the arena demanded attention from the audience.

The heavyweight lambs had good, well-developed body frames, as indicated by the 113-pound and 121-pound lambs. They brought prices within the range $152.55 to $163.35 ($1.31/lb. -$1.35/lb.).

The group of market lambs, Rideaucross, 96-pound lambs, brought $137.28 ($1.43/lb.).

The feeder lamb selection was larger in numbers than the other categories. The feeder lambs continued the interest and demand, looking forward – towards the Easter season.

The demand for this coming Easter market, created more pressure on the feeder lamb bidding at this sale. These lambs ranged 81 to 89 lbs. and brought

$119.07 to $136.17 ($1.47/lb. to $1.53/lb.). Two groups of Cheviot-cross, 81-pound lambs, brought $126.36 ($1.56/lb.).

The selection of lightweight lambs had a wide range, as well. Those lambs ranging, 75 to 78 pounds, brought $120.75 to $112.32 ($1.61/lb. -$1.44/lb.); respectively.

There were two groups of 60-pound lambs, the Dorper-cross lambs, brought $72 ($1.20/lb.) and the Cheviot-cross lambs, brought $96 ($1.60/lb.). The 53-pound, Dorper-cross lambs, brought $62.28 ($1.1750/lb). The 42-pound, Dorper-cross lambs, brought $57.96 ($1.38/lb.).

The selection for goats was between wethers and bucks; however, each group was of excellent quality. There was one large, friendly 205-pound wether, brought $150 ($0.73/lb.). A group of Boer-cross wethers caught the audience attention, as they entered the arena. These 68-pound wethers, brought $108 ($1.59/lb.).

The bidding got exciting for the group of Boer-cross bucks, 78 pounds, brought $120 ($1.54/lb.). The 160-pound, Boer-cross buck, brought $175 ($1.09/lb.).

The 85-pound, pygmy buck, brought $70 ($0.82/lb.). The group of 46-pound, pygmy-cross bucks, brought $52.50 ($1.14/lb.).

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