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As markets fill, prices drop

The latest sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Sales saw buyers as the clearcut winners

Some say November is the end of autumn, others, the start of winter. Either way the Nov. 1 sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Sales coincided with the arrival of snow. It also featured a low-key and subdued tone with markets filling and animal quality average rather than exceptional. Producers could be reducing herds, […] Read more

Hair sheep dominate latest sale

Supply of animals down overall, prices remained steady at Winnipeg Livestock Auction

The warm autumn sunshine showed up at the latest sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction, and so did plenty of hair sheep and lambs. Producers seemed intent on taking these animals to market before the cold temperatures arrive. Many buyers seemed to be most interested in ewes and the prices ranged from $1.08 […] Read more

Exotic sheep see little interest

Quality and age of animals were the key to bidding

The Oct. 4 sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction saw 258 sheep and goats delivered. The buyers present were not interested in exotic sheep or lambs, but instead paid close attention to age and quality. During the sheep sale, all ewes saw major interest from buyers, with no evident price difference between wool […] Read more

Bids fail to reach peak seen at earlier auction

The action blew hot and cold at the most recent sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction

Bidding was slow and low, then faster and higher, then slower and lower again. Initially the Aug. 16 Winnipeg Livestock Auction sheep and goat sale looked like a dud, with a slow bidding start. But by mid-sale things had picked up and prices approached (but failed to surpass) the strong feeder and lightweight lamb bidding […] Read more

Goat numbers surge at Aug. 2 auction

There was good interest for animals ahead of an Islamic holiday

The supply of about 500 sheep and goats for the Aug. 2, 2017 sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction was an excellent presentation of the possible animals available for those preparing for the Islamic celebration. There was a variety of the various animal weights available so buyers could purchase for the wide range required. There was […] Read more

Summer brings sunnier view of market

There will be fewer lamb and goat sales over the summer months

Along with the arrival of the single-sale-a-month summer schedule June 7, came a more positive attitude towards the market between both buyers and producers. There were 510 animals presented in the ring at the most recent sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction. The sheep sales saw more bidding from buyers and a positive […] Read more

Unknown expectations at latest auction

Neither buyers nor sellers knew quite what to expect at the May 17 sale

It was a sale that could — and at times did — go either direction. Sellers delivered some 200 sheep and goats, but admitted they didn’t have any great expectations for this sale. Meanwhile, the buyers were feeling much the same way. About the only trends that did seem to emerge were that sellers were […] Read more

Summer slows sheep and goat bidding

It was buyer’s choice in many cases at the most recent sheep and goat sale

It was a case of differing expectations May 3 at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction, as buyers and sellers gathered to trade the 233 sheep and goats delivered to this sale. Sellers were hoping for decent prices, while buyers were looking for bargains. In the sheep sale, ewes were of mixed quality and the bidding highlighted […] Read more

Good quality and lots of bidding

It was a great combination for the last sheep and goat sale before Easter

’Twas two days before Good Friday and the buyers were anxious. Their orders weren’t filled and of this they were conscious. It set the stage for some bidding gone wild. If into the ring enough sheep and goats filed. That was the setting just two days before the key holiday season for sheep and goat […] Read more

Easter influence seen on prices

Demand for the looming holiday drove some early purchases

A total of 250 sheep and goats were on the auction block at the Mar. 15 sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction. Many of the buyers appeared motivated by the upcoming Easter holiday and anticipated demand, making for some early purchases. The presence of worms in some groups of lambs — earlier than […] Read more