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Seasonal patterns not yet present

The summer slowdown has not yet arrived in the sheep and goat markets

Warmer weather may finally be here, but the traditional slowing down of the market has yet to appear, perhaps a reflection of the late spring. With 200 animals delivered for sale, sheep and goats were in plentiful supply and prices largely held their own, with a little bit of up and down when compared to […] Read more

Spring’s arrival brings price improvement

Many buyers were clearly interested in herd building at this sale

As the spring weather slowly unfreezes the landscape, so too have prices found new life. The warmer weather has no doubt enabled buyers to review low volumes from the winter season and made them more aware of their stock supply. Producers delivered 100 sheep and goats to the latest sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction April […] Read more

Easter excitement fades

It’s back to normal after this key holiday for the market

A late winter return seemed to usher in a cooler tone too at the latest sheep and goat auction at Winnipeg Livestock Auction. With Easter demand past, the less exciting bidding season typical of summer appears to be starting to assert itself, regardless of the slow start to the spring. Producers delivered 75 sheep and goats to the April […] Read more

Easter season sparks bidding

The latest sheep and goat sale saw new life for the market

Easter bidding arrived with a vengeance at the March 21 sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction. Supply jumped to 430 animals with greatly improved quality noted and the sale was a fast-paced event. During the sheep sale the ewes saw a bidding pattern that was subdued, reflecting the approach of summer. Prices ranged […] Read more

Latest sheep and goat sale has ghost town feel

Few animals delivered met scant buyer interest at the March 7 gathering at Winnipeg Livestock Auction

The buyers were present but the sheep and goats were missing in action at the latest sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction. At times it felt like walking the streets of a ghost town at the March 7 event, with just 69 animals continuing a trend towards low animal supply. A 125-pound Rideau-cross lamb represented the […] Read more

Low and slow

It’s a lacklustre time for sheep and goat sales

With no holidays sparking demand, the latest sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction was a subdued affair, with just 106 animals delivered Feb. 21. Most market observers are casting an eye towards Easter at the end of this month, and the summer months. The bidding on the wool ewes did not reach the […] Read more

Sheep and goat sale wild and woolly

It looks like the local auction is acting as strangely as financial markets

The local sheep and goat market must be watching the wild swings on Wall Street and taking notes. Prices at the Feb. 7 sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction were taking their own dramatic legs up and down. The 80 animals that went into the ring were also clearly following the trends noted in the latest […] Read more

Latest sheep and goat sale a ‘silent auction’

Few animals and few buyers in physical attendance made for a quiet sale again Jan. 24

The local sheep and goat market is keeping quiet and watching the action to the east very closely. Just 80 animals were delivered to Winnipeg Livestock Auction for the Jan. 24 sale that saw few buyers physically present, but ‘invisible’ buyers were said to remain interested. There was good interest in the ewes. Most appeared […] Read more

No fireworks at first sheep and goat auction

It was a quiet and steady parade of animals at the first outing of the new year

It wasn’t the rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air at the first sheep and goat sale of the year at Winnipeg Livestock Auction on Jan. 10. With the holiday season behind it, the market saw little buyer excitement and just 62 animals come and go from the sales arena. During the sheep sale […] Read more

Lights out for 2017 sheep and goat sales

There was plenty of selection at the last sale of the season at Winnipeg Livestock Auction

More than 600 sheep and goats hit the ring Dec. 6 at the last sale of the year. Quality showed strongly and there was excellent selection of animals suitable for herd replacement and increase, and even some very calm and gentle animals that would have been perfect for 4-H projects. The bidding on ewes remained […] Read more