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Holiday season well supplied

The Rabi’ al-awwal festival signifies the birth of the prophet Muhammad

A total of 392 sheep and goats made their way through the sales ring Nov. 21 at Winnipeg Livestock Auction. Buyers were out in numbers to purchase animals intended for consumption at the upcoming Rabi’ al-awwal Muslim festival. Sellers were aware of the significance of the date and kept buyers well supplied with selection. Dorper-cross […] Read more

Fall sheep herd reduction in evidence

Sheep growers are cutting down the herd with an eye to feeding costs this winter

There was a distinct chill in the air at the Nov. 7 sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction, but that cooling trend didn’t extend to the sales ring. There the action was heating up as producers looked to reduce herds with an eye to managing winter feed costs after a long and dry […] Read more

Neither trick nor treat at recent sheep and goat sale

Sheep and goat markets are near full capacity, but prices stayed mostly firm

It might be the last taste of summer, but winter was in the wings at the latest sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction. With colder weather approaching hair lambs are beginning to make their way into the ring, part of a 350-head sale October 17. In the sheep sale buyers appeared to be […] Read more

High demand for feeder lambs seen at Oct. 3 sheep, goat sale

Selection limited, but prices were higher for dairy rather than meat goats

Bidding prices for lightweight lambs at the Oct. 3 Winnipeg Livestock Auction increased slightly compared to the last sale, possibly due to the limited selection. However, 248 sheep and goats were delivered and young, tender Manitoba lamb could be on more local tables this year. There appeared to be no price difference between wool and […] Read more

Ample supply of sheep, goats as festival season wraps up

Lower bids marked the end of this market cycle, while animal numbers held up

As the Muslim festival of Eid wrapped up, a small sale was expected. However, 600 goats and sheep arrived at Winnipeg Livestock Auction for the September 5 sale. In some cases the animals appeared to be culls, but the size of the sale represented a general reluctance to carry or hold extra animals. The sheep […] Read more

Final festival sale of sheep a big event

There was lots of supply and plenty of buyers’ interest at Winnipeg Livestock Auction August 15

The most recent sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction was set for the flood of more than 1,000 animals it received. Slated for August 15 it fell just before the Eid holiday and buyers brought their lists to fill festival demand for this Muslim holiday celebrating sharing and giving. The semi-trucks were waiting and ready for […] Read more

Auction fills festival requirements

One of the Muslim world’s two globally celebrated festivals drove this market 

The August 1 sheep sale at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction was scheduled in preparation for the Eli-al-Adha, or Festival of Sacrifice, a major holiday in the Muslim world. Producers provided about 600 sheep and goats in expectation of an exciting sale. The next auction was to be held August 15. In the sheep sale buyers […] Read more

Summer sale season for sheep has arrived

Buyers and sellers are thinking of the coming weeks of bounty

The arrival of summer also heralds the arrival of a positive attitude for both sheep buyers and sellers, with 290 animals delivered for sale June 6. The future holds weeks of green pasture and animal development and conditioning. During the sheep sale buyers were looking into the future and seeing the importance of quality ewes […] Read more

Quality sparks bidding at sheep and goat sale

Buyers were clearly interested in the best-conditioned animals

It was quality on parade at the most recent sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction. Very few culls were delivered and buyers took advantage of the quality that the 248 animals delivered for sale displayed, with a display of intense bidding. No price difference was evident between wool and hair ewes. Two 138-pound […] Read more

Seasonal patterns not yet present

The summer slowdown has not yet arrived in the sheep and goat markets

Warmer weather may finally be here, but the traditional slowing down of the market has yet to appear, perhaps a reflection of the late spring. With 200 animals delivered for sale, sheep and goats were in plentiful supply and prices largely held their own, with a little bit of up and down when compared to […] Read more