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Lands for sale on easy terms

Our History: October 1886

Lands for sale on easy terms

If you were looking to start farming in 1886, there was plenty of land to choose from in these advertisements in the Oct. issue of the Nor-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller. The Hudson’s Bay Company was offering seven million acres and the Manitoba and North-Western Railway 2.75 million acres.

The unnamed author of an article on dairying began by stating that it might be premature to offer a definite opinion on the prospects for the industry, but became progressively more enthusiastic.

“The extent to which this joint process of calf raising and butter making may be pushed here is practically limitless. Far away to the north and northwest there is a vast stretch of land clothed with rich natural grasses, and singularly free from noxious weeds, abundance of surface water or water-bearing strata, natural shelter in the shape of bush, and an abundance of timber for building and fuel, all waiting for enterprise and free for the taking; while barley, oats and vegetables, the very things we want to feed our cows and finish our steers, can be raised to any extent we wish, and with the least possible labour.

“With all this raw material waiting ready to our hand, the dairy is one of the most practical and profitable subjects to which we can turn attention.”

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