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Defeating the 10 little dust devils

Our History: April 1949

Defeating the 10 little dust devils

Our April 21, 1949 issue carried this “10 little dust devils” cartoon from the USDA Soil Conservation Service. The 10 arrive at a windbreak and drop one by one as they meet a windbreak, a listed field, a clover field, a grass waterway, a fish pond, a field of stubble mulch, a cover crop, a woodlot and a wildlife planting. Perhaps it’s time to bring this cartoon back.

Dairy farmers had bad news in 1948. The April 21 issue reported that the bill allowing the sale of margarine in Manitoba would soon be proclaimed. It followed a Supreme Court decision allowing the sale of “oleomargarine” in Canada. However, the Manitoba bill prevented the sale of coloured margarine. An editorial earlier that year suggested that colouring was a means to trick fickle consumers into buying a product similar to butter.

Another news item that week was passage of second reading of a Manitoba legislature bill to encourage veterinarians to locate in rural areas. The bill provided for formation of veterinary districts which could enter into an agreement with a vet to pay “him” $2,000 per year, with half paid by the province and half by the district.

Alongside was an item which said sawdust was the secret to a successful ice house, and that any available corner of a shed would serve for an enclosure as long as there was a foot of sawdust on the floor.

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