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A new concept comes to combines

Our History: June 1983

This ad in our June 2, 1983 issue promoted a relatively new concept at the time — a rotary combine. The new Gleaner Series 3 had a crosswise rather than lengthwise cylinder.

Seeding progress had been varied across the province — as of May 31 the northwest region was only 10 per cent complete but progress was at 90 to 95 per cent in the central and eastern regions.

In Parliament, there has been fractious debate over a bill to replace the Crow rate for grain, with stalling tactics by the Conservative and NDP opposition. In the latest version, Transport Minister Jean-Luc Pepin had proposed a safety net covering 10 per cent of the weighted value of the six major grains.

Meanwhile, the federal government had ordered another 1,380 hopper cars for grain.

Also in Ottawa, Agriculture Minister Eugene Whelan was playing hardball with provincial supply management agencies, threatening to disband them if they did not resolve disputes over market share.

In the U.S., two economists recommended extending a government program in which farmers received government-held surplus stocks in return for continuing to reduce their acreage. U.S. stocks were expected to be in surplus until 1986-87.

In the previous issue, we reported that a new triazine-resistant canola was being tested and could be licensed the following year, CSP Foods contracting seven growers for 100 acres each in 1983. The canola would be resistant to triazine herbicides including Bladex, Sencor and Atrazine.

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