‘Never worry about grain loss’ and supply management for eggs

Our History: August 1976

‘Never worry about grain loss’ and supply management for eggs

Supply management was top of mind in the August 5, 1976 issue, which lays out details of a hard-fought federal-provincial agreement to transfer control over egg marketing to the Canadian Egg Marketing Agency (CEMA).

But getting the last two provincial holdouts — Manitoba and Saskatchewan — to relinquish control required a compromise. Manitoba’s Agriculture Minister Sam Uskiw demanded that sole jurisdiction for domestic feed grain marketing be returned to the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) and the “open market factor” of domestic feedgrain policy be eliminated.

The ministers also recommended responsibility for the CWB be transfered to the Agriculture Minister Eugene Whelan from Transportation Minister Otto Lang.

The editorial in that issue refers to a leaked document prepared by 10 federal civil servants suggesting marketing boards and supply management be scrapped and a national food policy be developed.

The Smith-Roles company was advertising a combine grain monitor to purportedly means farmers “will never have to worry about grain loss,” during harvesting. It was also seeking farmer agents to help sell it.

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