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Kirschmann Spra-Coupe, and wheat exports see a five-year low

Our History: June 1968

This Kirschmann Spra-Coupe advertised in our June 13, 1968 issue featured a 54-foot spray pattern and speeds up to 25 m.p.h.

The main front-page news that issue was Manitoba Pool Elevators directors recommending that the Pool convert to a “line” company. Unlike the other two Prairie Pools, which were centrally owned from the start, each MPE elevator was owned by a local association. The decision was later approved by delegates, but a few individual points decided to remain independent into the 1990s.

Seeding was reported to be virtually complete west of a line from Portage to Gretna, but in the east and Interlake was only 70 per cent complete.

Another story reported wheat exports were at a five-year low, which was a premonition of the stock buildup which led to the LIFT acreage-reduction program in 1970.

The issue carried a five-page feature with stories on the Interlake, which had been receiving assistance under the Fund for Rural Economic Development (FRED) program.

Another page featured that year’s Brandon Exhibition. Headline entertainers included actor and country singer Rex Allen and comedian George Gobel.

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