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‘Why you should own a Versatile sprayer’

Our History: May 15, 1958

‘Why you should own a Versatile sprayer’

This Versatile 40-foot boom-type sprayer advertised in our May 15, 1958 issue featured Delavan Select-A-Spray control at the fingertips of the operator.

Weather was the big news that month. Seeding had apparently been early that year — a story in the May 1 issue said that after being one of the “hot spots” in North America in early April, on the 28th a snowstorm arrived with low temperatures of -14 C and there was some possibility of damage to emerged crops. Then on May 12, the Prairies were hit with a dust storm. “Two miles high, hundreds of miles north and south with the international boundary no deterrent, and stretching from the eastern fringe of agriculture into Alberta… not since the ‘Dirty ’30s’ had wind erosion been so ravenous.

“On May 12 a blistering sun was an accomplice to the devastating winds. Temperatures climbed to record levels with the mercury hitting the 94° (34 C) mark at Melfort, Sask. while at Dauphin, Man. the reading was 93.” Piling of soil in ditches was said to be a major concern.

Also in the news that month was a series of meetings across the Prairies where farmers presented views on boxcar allocation to a commission headed by former Manitoba premier John Bracken. At issue was whether farmers could deliver to “the elevator of their choice” or at others where space was available. More than 400 farmers attended at Carman and Minnedosa and 350 at Dauphin.

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