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Today’s precipitation

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Forecast: Is spring fighting its way in early?

Covering the period from February 19 to February 26, 2019

As I pointed out at the beginning of last week’s forecast, when there is a switch in the weather pattern, the devil is in the details and we definitely noticed that last week. The weather models correctly forecasted a couple of outbreaks of cold arctic air. What they failed to get right was just how

Milder weather this winter is helping producers manage feed, but there’s still plenty of winter left.

Warm weather grants reprieve for livestock producers

Manitoba’s winter has been comparatively mild
 but is it enough to get feed supplies through the winter?

A so-far mild winter has helped bolster feed supplies, but producers aren’t out of the woods yet. The weather has given livestock producers some reprieve compared to last year, when several weeks of consistent temperatures below -30 C hit at already strained feed supplies. Livestock specialists are still most worried about poor nutrition for the coming calving and

Inside the sun, the pressure of all the hydrogen causes the temperature to rise, and when it is hot enough the hydrogen starts to fuse into helium.

Weather school: Let’s start with the basics

The majority of the radiation we get from the sun comes in the form of visible light

At this time of the year, unless the weather is particularly bad, there are not a lot of “new” weather topics to discuss. We still have a month or two of winter left, and a lot can happen in that time that will affect our spring. I’ve spent more than enough time looking at long-range

Flooding picture still weather dependent

What happens between now and spring here, and in the U.S. and Saskatchewan, will be the determining factors

The province continues to keep a watchful eye on spring flood conditions, but says the true picture won’t be clear until winter is over. The comments came from Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler February 4, in a release announcing a new Basin Conditions Report that provided an updated snapshot of river levels and soil moisture conditions. “The report will present Red River and Assiniboine River Basin conditions

Forecast: Colder weather definitely moving back in

Covering the period from February 12 to February 19, 2019

Any time we see a switch in the weather pattern, the weather models tend to struggle a little bit on the day-to-day details, and we saw this happen with last week’s forecast. Colder air tried to move in several times, but these cold intrusions only lasted a day or so before milder air moved back

Dean Harder farms near Lowe Farm, Manitoba.

Farmer-led campaign to inform, lobby for climate solutions

Farmers for Climate Solutions wants any conversation on climate change to include agriculture

A Manitoba farmer says a new agriculture-led campaign for climate solutions gives producers a chance to learn from each other while moving the needle on climate action. “This gives a place, a location for those that have that mentality — I think the majority of farmers actually fit in that category — to make a

Cold February ahead… but not like last year’s

The last 15 years have shown an unusually large number of warm Januarys

For the 11th time over the last 15 years, this January saw above-average temperatures across all of agricultural Manitoba. Along with above-average temperatures came a mixed bag of precipitation totals, with some regions seeing above average, others near average and, you guessed it, some areas continuing to see below average. The one positive during January

Forecast: Winter’s not done yet

Covering the period from February 5 to February 12, 2019

It’s starting to sound like a broken record, but once again, the weather models have done a decent job with the short- to medium-term forecasts. It can be tough to get the temperatures bang on when we are dealing with clouds with the occasional clear patch. Also, with the stagnant flow, the weather models were

In global weather news, heat rises to the top

The record-level warmth of 2019 didn’t even have an El Niño to blame

After spending some time looking at the top weather stories of 2019 across our part of the world, it’s time to take a step back and examine the top weather stories from around the globe. But — oh, you knew there was going to be a “but” — I would be doing a disservice if