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Today’s precipitation

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Editor’s Take: Living through history

Historic times are rarely comfortable times. Ask your ancestors who, in the first half of the last century alone lived through two world wars, one economic collapse, and a mega-drought. Or for that matter the millennials of today, who have so far survived one global financial crisis and a pandemic, with another economic crisis on

Fast running waters replace what was an approach just north of Brandon following intense thunderstorms that brought torrential rains.

After two major storms, Westman farmers are surveying the damage

Torrential rains last week plunged western municipalities 
into states of emergency as flooding wreaked havoc

For Ryan Niven of Rapid City, the overrunning roads, acres upon acres of flooded crops and states of emergency popping up across the region felt a lot like 2014 all over again. “Fortunately, we’re done spraying, so we’re not out trying to make a bunch of ruts right now, but I would say, infrastructure-wise, there’s

Forecast: Warm with a chance of storms

Covering the period from July 8 to July 15

The weather models got the heat and humidity correct with last week’s forecast; what they missed was the western boundary of the hot, humid air. That boundary ended up being a little farther east than forecasted, which resulted in unsettled conditions that dominated the weather over western Manitoba and led to some historic rain events. For this forecast period,

Farmers are finding a mixed bag during first-cut hay harvest.

First cut hay harvest a mixed bag

Yields are average at best, which is worrying for a sector with exhausted feed stocks and stressed pastures

[UPDATED: July 7, 2020] There won’t be any bumper yields from Manitoba’s first hay cut and, despite storms that have left parts of Manitoba waterlogged last, not everywhere in the province has seen enough rain. June saw the province’s first hay harvests, although most fields cut by the third week of the month were either

Forecast: Hot and humid weather to continue

Last week’s forecast was a little more on track, with the prediction of hot and humid air; only problem was, the heat and humidity moved in a little earlier than expected. This forecast period is looking very much like the dog days of summer: plenty of sunshine, lots of heat and a fair bit of

Water flows across what, a few days ago, was Dan Lepp’s pasture along the Little Saskatchewan River. PHOTO: DAN LEPP

Dozens evacuated as floodwaters test Rivers dam

WEATHER: Residents downstream of Rivers, Man., are holding their breath as they wait to see if the dam, which holds back Lake Wahtopanah, will hold

Dan Lepp had gotten little rest by the time he drove away from his family’s mixed farm near Rivers the morning of July 2. Lepp, who farms downstream of the Rivers dam on the Little Saskatchewan River, was among dozens of residents in the Municipalities of Riverdale and Whitehead told to evacuate late last night

Crops struggle to emerge through hardened soils in Manitoba’s clay-soil regions this spring.

Crops look to come from behind after dry start

Soil compaction and soil crusting led to emergence problems earlier this season, although more recent rains have loosened things up and crops are reportedly coming on

On camera, the soil chunk dug up in eastern Manitoba in mid-June might as well have been cement, for all the damage it showed after being hit with a screwdriver. The video, filmed by agronomy consulting service Antara Agronomy and later posted to Twitter, shows a local agronomist attempting to smash and chip a block of compacted seedbed,