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Why did you marry Daddy?” my five-year-old daughter asked. In that frenzied minute, I gave the most unsatisfying response stating, “Because I just did.” The moment those words slipped from my lips, I regretted them. However, as I held her youngest squirming sibling on the change table, I silently promised that someday, she would know why I fell in love with her daddy and why he is still my best friend.

The next week I reread saved love letters that my husband and I wrote to each other during our courtship. Then I located my journal from the year of our marriage and read through my wedding day entry. I couldn’t remember our vows so I listened to our wedding cassette tapes and wrote them down, and looked through wedding albums.

As I enjoyed these recollections, the answer to my daughter’s question was obvious but not in an organized, tangible form, so my husband and I decided to write a short book, Love Song, which we dedicated to our children and future grandchildren. We began the book by describing how we found each other. I had been watching planes flying overhead and talking about farming with a friend when she dared me to phone a dairy farmer she had met. I accepted the challenge, left a message on his answering machine, and waited to see what would transpire. My husband completed his evening checkup in the barn and returned home at 11 p.m. to hear a chipper voice on his answering machine asking him to go for coffee.

We continued the book by outlining special dates in our courtship. The sky was not the limit for us as he was a pilot with a night rating who owned his own aircraft so each date was an adventure.

We shared parts of our letters in which we clearly state what we loved about each other and what qualities we found admirable. We wanted to show our children that love perseveres even through tough times and included some love letters which reveal, “I love you even through hard times, especially when you cry, when life really sucks, when you feel like quitting and when you are silent. I love you.”

The book continues with the wedding dress story, invitation, program, vows, journal entries, and personal faith stories.

I was delighted when we had the book printed and could better answer my daughter’s question, “Why did you marry Daddy?” How reassuring for a child to not only hear that her parents love each other but why they love each other.

In completing this special Valentine’s project for our children, we pray that someday, they too will find special friends to whom they can say, “Falling in love with you is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

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