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Riding the rails

As I looked at a map of Manitoba I located my childhood community and the parcel of land where my parents still reside. I was surprised to see a dot identifying a former train station near my childhood home. I recalled Dad mentioning the train station, and the railway bed is still evident by its

Heartfelt words

Why did you marry Daddy?” my five-year-old daughter asked. In that frenzied minute, I gave the most unsatisfying response stating, “Because I just did.” The moment those words slipped from my lips, I regretted them. However, as I held her youngest squirming sibling on the change table, I silently promised that someday, she would know

Gardening Projects For Kids

Here’s some great ideas to try as we get ready for another gardening season: Egg Heads– It takes only a few days for them to grow a head of “hair.” The fun part is that you can even trim the hair with scissors and style it as you wish. First, make a large hole in

Gardening With Children

Include your children or grandchildren in the gardening plans this year and reap the following rewards: Gardening allows children to witness the miracle of life through the seed. It’s an outdoor activity that allows the whole family to work together. If a child can throw a ball, he/she can toss a potato into a hole.

Garden Hideaways

Children love to play and hide in “secret” places and a sense of thrill accompanies creating a fort from scratch. This summer, why not create a special place for your child or grandchild in your garden? Go beyond the traditional roads and pathways to create a miniature town or “main street” for the little ones

Daddy’s Home

They wait wiggling and squirming, anticipating his arrival, when a faint rumbling farm truck approaches “Daddy is home!” they yell racing to the mudroom door to lunge into his tight embrace, joyful kisses, bubbling chatter revealing precious love and true wealth Life – it’s about coming home.

Visit The Kid-Friendly Gallery In The Park

I was certain we had broken the rules. Could my three toddlers and I really have visited an art display without stepping out of bounds? However, when I reread the welcome sign, it was clear that we had kept within the suggested guidelines. From my toddlers’ smiles, I knew they had enjoyed their first art

The True Spirit Of Giving

Money began to trickle into the account and a month after introducing the project, the account was overflowing beyond the goal. The news spread quickly. Soon the whole community was involved except one family. They continued with life, oblivious to the daily updated website that revealed the donation funds that would forever change their little

Women’s Retreat Centre To Be Built

“It began simply with the idea of a place where women could go to be refreshed and then the idea grew and grew.” – JOY KLASSEN, WOMEN’S RETREAT FOUNDER Joy Klassen, a mother and former farmer, has experienced valleys in life and now wants to create a restful place for women who are facing challenges

A Christmas Tree With Meaning

It doesn’t mean anything,” I thought as I looked at our artificial Christmas tree. Sure, my children had crafted beautiful decorations and loved to rearrange the ornaments. However, the tree itself seemed so distant from Christmas. Its lights sparkled and the tinsel hung over the boughs, but it didn’t hold any significant meaning. There wasn’t