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Reduce, recycle, reuse

This mixture of soap bits is one of our ways to recycle and reuse.

My wife acts as the recycling police in our household; I dare not throw even the smallest piece of paper into the garbage without fear of reprimand and she constantly surprises me with her ingenuity when it comes to her efforts to reduce, recycle and reuse.

One day I noticed a curious-looking bar of soap in the soap dish in the bathroom — obviously one of her recycling projects! She had collected the end bits of bars of soap for quite some time, and had added a few of those hotel soaps that were lying around but never used. (Does anyone else accumulate a collection of these?)

The soap pieces had been put into a dish with enough hot water added to soften them so that they melded together. The concoction cooled and hardened before it was eased out of the dish. She had used a rather open dish, fearing that she would not be able to get the bar out intact from a smaller, straight-sided dish.

I was actually quite astonished at how much soap we would have wasted had we discarded all these pieces of almost-finished bars. Recycled and reused, this bar of soap will keep us going for some time, and every time we use it, we will be patting ourselves on the backs (notice how I now have assumed some credit for this endeavour?) for doing our bit to help the environment by reducing, recycling, and reusing — one bar of soap at a time!

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