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Diamond Disc Dogs

Team of trained dogs performs throughout Manitoba

Steve Diamond and his dogs were at the Portage Potato Festival this summer.

Diamond Disc Dogs, headed by Steve Diamond, is a multi-dog trick act known as the “best trick dog show in Manitoba.” The team of highly trained dogs — mostly border collies — has been performing throughout the province for almost 10 years, and Diamond is now beginning to expand Canada-wide, catering to events in small cities, towns and agricultural fairs.

Diamond and his seven dogs (one in training), perform flying disc stunts, circus tricks and other demonstrations that crowds are loving. He began by taking a canine disc workshop in Winnipeg and then competing in competitions, and has been training dogs for over 10 years.

Their introduction to performing was at a Blue Bombers halftime show with another Winnipeg group and this led to the creation of the Diamond Disc Dogs. Diamond and his dogs then began performing solo shows for fun at The Forks in Winnipeg that resulted in turning into a business. Since then they have performed at daycares, personal-care homes, parties, street fairs and exhibitions in small cities and towns, as well as a show before the RCMP Musical Ride.

Diamond also has some help doing the shows from Paige Swain and her golden retriever who have performed off and on for about for six years. To make travelling to events easier he has a small motorhome and it has its own power source and PA system which makes it possible to put on a performance almost anywhere.

Diamond really enjoys being in front of an audience, but admits that he wasn’t the best at narrating during the shows to begin with. “I was really bad when I started, but the more I talked in front of an audience, even though I made mistakes, the better I got,” he says.

x photo: Anne Bachewich

In the winter, he and his dogs keep in shape by doing skijoring, where the skier is pulled by the dogs on lines similar to dogsledding. They live on a 50-acre piece of land about an hour north of Winnipeg to accommodate training and for more space for the dogs. He has fenced in a half-acre and has three kilometres of trail for skijoring. This is extremely helpful for training, which usually occurs during the less busy season during the winter and for keeping the dogs in shape. Food rewards and toys are used for training.

Diamond Disc Dogs performs at events throughout Manitoba in the spring, summer and fall and small indoor shows in the winter. For more information go to

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