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Steve Diamond and his dogs were at the Portage Potato Festival this summer.

Diamond Disc Dogs

Team of trained dogs performs throughout Manitoba

Diamond Disc Dogs, headed by Steve Diamond, is a multi-dog trick act known as the “best trick dog show in Manitoba.” The team of highly trained dogs — mostly border collies — has been performing throughout the province for almost 10 years, and Diamond is now beginning to expand Canada-wide, catering to events in small

Life Made Easier With Stock Dogs

Cattle ranchers Glen and Dorothy Campbell have had their share of hard times. Raising Black Angus cattle full time for Glen, a part-time job off the farm for Dorothy, and a bed and breakfast business which allows visitors to explore their ranching way of life has kept these country folk busy. Health issues and poor

Sandy Lake Artist Combines Country Life And Art

“Watercolour is my favourite type of paint to use, but it is also the most difficult to master.” – STELLA KOWALCHUK She grew up in the village of Sandy Lake, Manitoba, and the family survived because of the animals they raised for food – geese, chickens, a cow for milk and butter, and a large