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Theatre board chair Sharon Currie speaks to the roughly 40 people at the ribbon cutting on Dec. 20.

Pilot Mound celebrates opening of new community theatre

It's Lights! Camera! Action! as Tivoli Community Theatre pulls back the curtain

Roll film! Pilot Mound’s brand new Tivoli Theatre is open—after what can only be described as a fundraising marathon. “It’s just amazing. It is kind of a little surreal that it’s here now,” said Gisele Harding, a theatre board member. “Kids will have a place to come.” On Dec. 20, board members cut the ribbon

Steve Diamond and his dogs were at the Portage Potato Festival this summer.

Diamond Disc Dogs

Team of trained dogs performs throughout Manitoba

Diamond Disc Dogs, headed by Steve Diamond, is a multi-dog trick act known as the “best trick dog show in Manitoba.” The team of highly trained dogs — mostly border collies — has been performing throughout the province for almost 10 years, and Diamond is now beginning to expand Canada-wide, catering to events in small

Mature man lying on couch listening to music

Music is good for your health

Prairie Fare: Black Bean Brownies and Pumpkin Waffles with Cinnamon Yogurt Sauce

I heard a high-pitched “beep beep beep” sound one day while I read the newspaper. I could tell the sound did not emanate from the smoke detector, the timer on our oven or the alarm on our refrigerator door. What was beeping? I didn’t smell smoke, so I didn’t rise from my chair. As I

Woman Of Distinction

Some people are just “shiny!” Their positive attitude radiates outwards and you just know that they will excel at their goals. Karen Davis is just such a person and is the driving force behind The Dolly Parton Imagination Library program in Manitoba, helping to initiate Imagination Libraries in 24 communities, including Rolling River First Nation

Are You Ready For Capoeria?

Wh e n Lisele Lindsay invited me to a Capoeira Demonstration Fundraiser in January, I thought she was inviting me to a jewelry party! I felt rather “unworldly” as she had to explain that Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that some local folks have been practising weekly for the past three months. I arrived

Avoid Purchasing Lottery Tickets For Minors

This holiday season, some well-meaning family members may consider buying lottery tickets and scratch cards as affordable, colourful and potentially promising gift options for the children and teens on their list. McGill University researchers, the National Council on Problem Gambling and some Canadian and U.S. lotteries are working together to ask families to reconsider purchasing

Manitoba Bullfighter Hangs Up Cleats

Considering bullfighting was something he simply wanted to check out at a school, a Manitoba resident has nothing but fond memories upon saying goodbye to the boys. The adage – business before pleasure – forced the hand of Selkirk native Eddie Phillips to retire from dancing with danger at the end of 2008, upon being

Benefit held for Manitoba bullfighter

Those who wish to send cards and letters, as well as those who may wish to assist financially, are asked by Brad and Dusty Lynn to use their home address – Brad Dunn, RR 3, Box 45, Carman, Manitoba R0G 0J0. Twin Lakes Ranch Ministries (Ron and Lorna Silvester) is also accepting donations in support