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Buried Treasure At Lake Audy

Red Ryder became the “spokestoon” for Daisy Air Rifles. To date, it has been the longest-standing licensing agreement in history, as the Daisy Manufacturing Co. Inc. continues to use the Red Ryder name.

Sichewski still lives on the farm on which he was born, just off PR No. 354 on Lake Audy Road which leads into Riding Mountain National Park. He said that his lucky coin was acquired in 1953, when he was 13 years old. It had a little chain, so you could hook it onto the belt loop of your jeans, or attach it to a pocketknife chain.

Sichewski remembers taking the coin to school (the old Audy School which still stands en route to Lake Audy) to show his friends. He can only surmise that his Red Ryder Lucky Coin fell through a hole in his pocket, lost for all those years, until it was found in his garden.

A recent look on eBay showed a coin like Sichewski’s selling as a collectible for about US$25. So, although his lucky coin has appreciated to 100 times its original value, Walter Sichewski’s buried treasure won’t buy him a new pickup truck! But heisrich with the flood of memories that his find provided.

– Candy Irwin writes from Lake Audy, Manitoba

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