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Historic east gate entrance.

Plan a visit to the east side of Riding Mountain National Park

Here you’ll find hiking and biking trails, great scenery, wildlife and the historic gate

Visitors to Riding Mountain National Park often spend most of their time in the Wasagaming/Clear Lake area, with perhaps part of a day at Lake Audy to see the bison. But Highway No. 19 on the east side of the park can be rewarding in several ways — stretching your muscles on the hiking and

Lori Bremner, Tina Shaw and Bre Adams of Dauphin were some of the saddle riders who took part in the event.

PHOTOS: Fifty sleighs converge on Riding Mountain National Park

The annual event known as the world’s largest sleigh ride is a fitting capstone to winter

Just before the warmer weather began to move in, a total of 50 sleighs converged at the base of the Sugar Loaf Hills in Riding Mountain National Park, along with 20 saddle riders, for the annual event that’s said to be the world’s largest sleigh ride. Thirty of the teams travelled north from the Rossburn

Young folk during a 1953 or 1954 camp lineup at the dining hall with the Manitoba Federation of Agriculture and Co-operation ‘MFAC’ sign over the entranceway.

Want to come back?

This summer marks the 70th anniversary of when families started sending their kids to Camp Wannakumbac at Clear Lake

Ask anyone who grew up in rural Manitoba to name a place they link with childhood and summer, and chances are it’s Camp Wannakumbac. For 70 years tens of thousands of youths have spent a week of summer camping here, often returning later on to work as a counsellor or director. Adults wanna come back,

This image was taken from a trail camera set up in the park.

Studying the wolves of Riding Mountain National Park

Scholar has been researching collared wolves in order to understand the ecology of the park

Since the spring of 2016, Christina Prokopenko has been collecting data on the behaviour and population of wolves in Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP). Prokopenko, who is a Vanier Scholar completing her doctoral thesis out of Memorial University in Newfoundland, undertook the research to better understand the ecology of RMNP’s estimated 70 to 75 wolves

Kelsey Connor is the new owner of The Martese.

Enjoy fine dining while cruising Clear Lake

The newly renovated Martese runs from spring to fall and has an amazing dinner cruise

I’m no food critic, but I absolutely recognize a lovely meal when I eat one. And, you can, too, if you decide to enjoy dinner on The Martese, the little cruise ship that plies the waters of Clear Lake spring through fall each year, since it arrived here in 2004. Kelsey Connor, the new owner

Riding Mountain road bans in effect

Spring weight restrictions will prevent road damage during thaw

To minimize road damage during the spring thaw, Riding Mountain National Park has imposed restrictions on Highways 19 and 10 where they pass through the park. Effective immediately, weight restrictions of 6,006 lbs. or 2,730 kg gross vehicle weight will be enforced on Hwy. No. 19 within the boundaries of Riding Mountain National Park. As

East gate entrance into the park.

Get ready for Canada’s 150th anniversary

Celebrate by visiting a Parks Canada National Historic Site

How you will celebrate Canada’s 150th? Why not check out some of our nation’s historic sites? As of 2016, there were 976 National Historic Sites in Canada, with 171 of them being administered by Parks Canada. One such site is the Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP) East Gate Registration Complex at the east entrance to

Eugene Lepischak of Rossburn, Man. and his family make their way, with 32 other sleighs, from the south side of the mountain. Lepischak had three generations of family on the sleigh.

PHOTOS: Dashing through the snow

Canada’s largest sleigh ride is bigger and better than ever

It’s touted as the largest sleigh ride in Canada, but to participants in this year’s 20th anniversary event Mar. 4 near Riding Mountain National Park, it’s pure and simple winter fun. Close to 300 people attended this year, and a total of 56 sleighs and horse teams. Participants departed from both north of Rossburn and

Farm land owner Boris Michaleski (left) and IMCD technician Aaron Kulbacki stand at one of two dry dam sites constructed earlier this year on Michaleski’s farm land to temporarily hold back water during peak flows.

Farm-based dry dams to help reduce downstream flooding

Intermountain Conservation District built two dry dams in 2016 on a 
Keld-area farm that will hold water temporarily on farmland – the landowner sees gains from doing so

Road washouts, soil erosion and other water-related damage are nothing new to any municipality, but some parts of Manitoba are especially vulnerable. Those living and farming around Riding Mountain National Park are all too familiar with the kind of havoc water rushing downstream creates. With the steepest slopes in the province in their region, Inter-Mountain

TB in the spotlight again with Alberta outbreak

TB in the spotlight again with Alberta outbreak

Manitoba’s drawn-out history with bovine tuberculosis highlights 
the long road ahead for our Alberta neighbours

As Alberta begins to feel the repercussions of a confirmed case of bovine tuberculosis (TB), Manitoba looks to close its nearly two-decade-long chapter with live animal TB testing. “As we witness what is happening in Alberta, it really shows how quickly this can take place and how fast it can affect the entire province. We