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File photo of a steak sandwich with chimichurri sauce at a street food market in Buenos Aires. (Aleksandr_Vorobev/iStock/Getty Images)

Tensions build over Argentina’s beef export ban

Rural associations pledge pause in livestock trading

Buenos Aires | Reuters — Argentine farm groups will halt trading of livestock in protest against a 30-day government ban on beef exports aimed at bringing down domestic prices, the country’s main producer groups said in a joint statement Tuesday. The South American country’s centre-left Peronist government unveiled the ’emergency measure’ to tamp down high

Argentine Farmers Hopeful On Government Relations

The death last week of powerful former president Nestor Kirchner may mark a turning point in the government’s relations with Argentine farming groups, but farmers do not expect export tax cuts. The centre-left government of President Cristina Fernandez, Kirchner’s widow, has never forgiven farmers for a 2008 revolt over the grains export taxes. The fiery

Argentine’s Farmers Want More Railroads

Three dogs and a few sheep are the only signs of life at the train station in Tres Algarrobos, an Argentine town that lies at the heart of one of the world’s most productive farming belts. Argentina’s once-extensive rail network was largely dismantled during the privatizations of the 1990s. But as agricultural output soars, farmers

Argentina Reacts To Soaring Steak Prices

Argentina’s government has tightened up restrictions on beef exports in a bid to stem surging prices at butchers’ shops that are fanning fears about inflation, industry sources said Feb. 12. Argentina is one of the world’s biggest exporters of beef, but the government has curbed shipments sporadically over the past four years in order to

Suspicion Over Argentine Data Fans Farming Tensions

Missing government data on Argentina’s multibillion-dollar farming s ector is causing increasing frustration for farmers and grain traders in the agricultural powerhouse. Argentina is a top world supplier of soy, wheat, corn and beef but its farming industry is having to use private estimates as routine data from harvest forecasts to corn sales are pulled

Argentine Farmers End Strike, Vow To Fight Soy Tax

Argentine farmers wrapped up a week-long strike March 27, vowing to lobby Congress to cut the soy export taxes that have fuelled a bitter year-long conflict with the government. Farmers in the agricultural powerhouse halted sales of soybeans, other crops and livestock for seven days, bringing local grains and cattle markets to a standstill and