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Argentine farmers favouring safe-bet soy over corn

Political and economic uncertainty hang over farmers’ heads as they plan their next crop

Reuters – Argentine farmers, anxious about an increasingly murky political outlook and economic turmoil, are turning towards soy over more expensive corn to cut costs, a shift that could impact next season’s harvest in one of the world’s top grain exporters. Farmers said a volatile economic situation in Argentina and the likelihood of a new […] Read more

Parrots, Pigeons Threaten Argentine Sunflowers

Flocks of hungry parrots and pigeons are plaguing sunflower farmers in some parts of Argentina, eating their crops and thinning their wallets. As swelling numbers of birds feed on fields, growers try to scare them away using balloons with “menacing eyes” painted on them. Farmers in the South American country, a leading global food exporter, […] Read more

Argentine roads may gridlock grains exports

Argentina’s dilapidated system of roads and railways needs urgent investment, or it could limit grains exports from the South American country, one of the world’s top suppliers of farm goods. Argentine farmers harvested almost 100 million tonnes of grains crops, such as soy, corn and wheat, last year and the government hopes output will reach […] Read more