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Argentine wheat crop estimate cut due to dryness

Argentina’s 2020-21 wheat crop is estimated at 17 million tonnes, the Rosario grains exchange said Oct. 15, citing dryness and frosts as reasons for cutting its previous 18-million-tonne estimate. Parts of Argentina’s Pampas Grains Belt have been unusually dry over the last eight months. The country’s farmers harvest wheat in December and January. “There is

Argentina planning temporary cut on soy export taxes

Farm industry sources say the move should spur more exports from the Latin American nation

Argentina plans to temporarily cut soybean and soymeal export taxes by three percentage points to 30 per cent to help stimulate export revenue as the country struggles with recession and dwindling foreign reserves, a local industry source said Oct. 1. The tax cut would last until the end of the year. The export levy would

Soy versus corn?

Argentine farmers weigh high prices, dryness as planting season hits

High soy prices are expected to support planting in Argentina this season, but that will be balanced by dry weather, which is driving farmers across the Pampas Grains Belt to favour late-season corn, which also has attractive prices. Argentina is the world’s top exporter of soymeal. Soy, which is the country’s main cash crop, competes

Argentina nears China hog deal it hopes could turbocharge local pork production

Buenos Aires | Beijing | Reuters – Argentina is nearing an initial agreement with China that could pave for the way for potential investments by the Asian giant in local pork production for export, Argentina’s undersecretary of trade and investment promotion told Reuters. That could eventually lead to Chinese-backed hog farms in the South American

Argentina says hit by second locust swarm, farmers on alert

Buenos Aires | Reuters — Grains powerhouse Argentina is getting hit by a second swarm of locusts arriving from neighbouring Paraguay, Argentina’s Senasa agricultural health inspection agency said on Tuesday, putting farmers on notice about possible crop damage. The new swarm is concentrated in the province of Formosa in north-east Argentina, on the Paraguay border.

Argentina jockeys to get its barley into Chinese beer

The Latin American nation hopes to displace Australia during a trade dispute

Argentina is jockeying to get more of its malt barley into Chinese beer, now that Asia’s mega-economy is locked in a trade fight with its top barley supplier Australia, according to industry sources in the South American grains powerhouse. China is the top global importer of malt barley for making pale lagers and other beers, while Saudi Arabia is the top importer