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mature man

Lessons from the front line of the rural stress line

Doug Grossart, who lost a loved one to mental illness, 
now helps other people cope with their internal struggles

Some people are recruited into politics, while others are recruited into the police force. Doug Grossart was sought out for an equally important, albeit unpaid, public service as volunteer for the Manitoba Farm and Rural Stress line. “We did kind of chase him around for a while before he agreed to do it,” laughs Kim

cattle walking on a flooded field

Struggle to rebuild pasture after the flood(s)

One farmer tells his story and talks about how he restored his forage and feed acres

Just days after Tom Teichroeb moved his cattle onto higher land his pasture flooded. Already in mid-May of 2011, the water was starting to rise near his Langruth ranch. Some of the cattle had to swim to get across to the dry hayfield before they were moved 12 miles across the highway to a rented

The SMAP satellite will use active and passive radioactive waves to measure soil moisture.

Not your average soil moisture-measuring project

A satellite that measures soil moisture expected to launch in January

If you Google “SMAP” two things will come up — a Japanese boy band from the ’90s and a NASA satellite project that will attempt to measure soil moisture on a global scale. The latter is the subject of new soil research from the University of Manitoba. The satellite, set to launch on January 29,

skeletal remans of a deer

CSI forensics used to nab poachers

Conservation officers will soon be recognized 
as law enforcement officers in Manitoba

By the time provincial conservation officer Laury Brouzes found the once-proud buck all that remained was scattered fur, a pink skeleton, and a furry hooved foot. Coyotes had licked its vertebrae clean. The day before, someone had tipped authorities off, naming an individual who had shot a deer and only taken the head. It is

ground beef exiting a meat grinder

CANFAX bullish on beef market outlook

The forecast is for solid prices in 2015

The Canadian beef market will likely continue to see bulls in the new year, according to a CANFAX forecaster. “We’re looking at very solid prices for 2015. At the risk of saying it, there’s potential for even higher prices,” Brian Perillat, manager and senior analyst for CANFAX, told a group of producers at this year’s

woman dressed in white, food-processing clothing

Campbell’s for Christmas?

Kelly Beaulieu hopes to sign contracts with a couple of food industry giants in the next couple of weeks

Kelly Beaulieu’s idea for converting the nutrition from vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away into a tasty food product has caught the eye of some big names in the processed food business. Beaulieu’s company, Canadian Prairie Garden Purees, has recently received letters of intent to purchase from Nestle and Campbell’s after sending them samples.

From left to right: Larry Thomas, Hubert Lau and Ted Power.

BIXS transfers ownership to new privately held company

ViewTrak with CCA, are the initial shareholders in new BIXS program

A new partnership announced this week could raise the profile and popularity of the Canadian cattle ID and information exchange system. Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS), founded by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) declared Dec. 8 it is transferring ownership to a new privately held company, of which the initial shareholders are the CCA and ViewTrak, an

hydro electric transmission towers

Landowners opposed to Manitoba Hydro Bipole III vulnerable to expropriation

Members of landowner committee say Manitoba Hydro is misleading the public

Manitoba Hydro’s efforts to lock up land required for the Bipole III power line continues to be embroiled in controversy. While Hydro says it has secured 90 per cent of the land it needs to begin building the 1,400-km project, those opposed to the line say these numbers are misleading because many landowners signed away

herd of cattle eating hay in the winter

Short hay this year? Try grain

MAFRD nutritionists have developed a feeding schedule to accommodate 
producers’ wallets during feed shortages

Cheap corn could be a lifesaver for Manitoba cattle producers who are short of feed this winter, but a provincial livestock specialist warns it must be handled with care. “Grain might be the ideal part of your diet this year,” Ray Bitner, livestock specialist with MAFRD, told listeners during the latest Stocktalk webinar. After calculating

Steve Kenyon talking about pasture weeds

Steve Kenyon: The weed whisperer

Alberta cattle farmer shares his 
tips on successful practices

When Steve Kenyon speaks to producers about pasture management, he likes to rile up the crowd. “There’s no such thing as weeds,” he said to cattle farmers gathered in the Boissevain community centre last week. “What we call a weed is just a plant that hasn’t learned to grow in rows yet. Or we haven’t