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Lowering greenhouse gas emissions from cattle

Economic incentives are needed to get producers on board, according to ruminant research scientist

There would be both winners and losers if the world followed Tim McAllister’s advice on how to lower greenhouse gas emissions from methane-belching bovines. “If we really wanted to reduce emissions we should be looking at identifying which areas in the world can produce ruminant products with the least amount of emissions and focusing production

Manitoba homes are twice as likely to contain radon gas than the national average. The southwest area of the province is most at risk (click image for full view).

Manitobans encouraged to test homes for cancer-causing gas

Homes throughout the province, particularly in southwest, projected to contain high levels of radon gas

A hard-to-detect radioactive gas is suspected to be leaching through the foundations of many Manitoba homes and could be causing lung cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society warns that radon gas is estimated to be present in an average of 24 per cent of Manitoba homes, more than double the national average of 11 per cent,

Breaking bread, sharing food

Small Farms Manitoba potlucks connect small-scale producers during cold winter months

Every winter for the past few years Kalynn Spain and some of her producer friends have taken turns hosting potlucks. Spain found these informal meals were a great way to share stories from the summer and support each other in decisions about the spring. “These potlucks were really helpful for me personally,” she said, “because

Contaminated wells subject of RCMP investigation

Someone dumped motor oil into wells being developed for Pilot Mound’s water supply

Workers found a nasty surprise when they arrived at the well construction site in the RM of Argyle on October 29. Someone had poured motor oil into both wells. Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship reported the findings to the municipal office and emailed a photo of the damage. “All you could see is two well

Beef and swine producers needed to detail farm jobs

New research project travels across Canada inviting input from producers to redefine farm jobs

A new national research project is aiming to better define the jobs in modern agriculture so that government can begin to address chronic labour shortages the sector faces. “The basis behind this is the government doesn’t have a clue,” said Jade Reeve, project manager from the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC). “We’re trying to

Rural Manitoba struggles with population growth

Retired statistician maps out future of labour market

Looming labour shortages due to mass migration to and around cities have made rural development much more difficult than it used to be, according to a retired statistician. While rural populations in Manitoba overall are still growing by .6 per cent, since 1996, places farther away from Brandon, Winnipeg and Winkler are not faring as

Beef sector welcomes support

But Kostyshyn remains non-committal on AgriRecovery for crop producers

Last week’s AgriRecovery announcement brought some good news for the beef producers, but no news for Manitoba crop producers hoping for additional support after a disastrous growing season. Ron Kostyshyn, minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, was non-committal when asked whether crop producers would receive additional help this year in the form of AgriRecovery.

Japhet Emmanuel (r) holds a LifePlayer radio,which is used by community listening groups in Africa. It’s both solar and crank powered, can record broadcasts to be played later and be used to charge a mobile phone.

Radio programs help improve crops in Africa

Farm Radio International broadcasts information relevant to farmers throughout Africa

Japhet Emmanuel was 10 years old when his father introduced him to radio. This was the best way to learn English, assured his father. So every evening the young Tanzanian man would sit next to the small black radio listening to the one English program. “BBC World Service,” he deepened his voice to sound like

Black cattle are Brayden’s favourite.

Co-operator reporter takes Farming 101 from a three-year-old expert

Brayden Decosse, three, teaches a fledgling Co-operator reporter a thing or two about farming

The skies are overcast when I drive up the Decosse family’s long gravel driveway on a Monday morning. I park in front of the house and step out to meet the resident farming expert I’ve been hearing so much about. Brayden Decosse has farmed all his life, spent long hours in the combine during harvest,

Livestock producers need not fear price insurance

The program co-ordinator says misconceptions could be preventing people from applying

The co-ordinator of the new Western Livestock Price Insurance Program says some producers are having trouble understanding the ins and outs of the program. Jason Dobbin, livestock price insurance co-ordinator from the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation, attempted to clear up some of the confusion in a StockTalk webinar Oct. 21. The bottom line is, producers