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Gazpacho is a refreshing change in hot weather

Tomatoes, an ingredient in gazpacho, are rich in nutrients and low in calories

We’re going to have cold soup,” I said to my older daughter and husband. We were in our kitchen talking about the upcoming evening meal. “Gross,” my daughter remarked. She likes soup but expects it to be hot. I gathered tomatoes, red and green peppers, celery, an onion, a lemon and a cucumber, along with […] Read more

Make some memories with picnics

Prairie Fare: Summer is picnic season and we should all enjoy this tradition

I remember the picnics of my youth. I looked forward to visiting a picnic site at a lake or park. Preparing all the food, loading the food in coolers and packing the lawn chairs in the trunk was part of the adventure. As a little girl, I thought that picnics required blankets, so I usually […] Read more

Be creative with zucchini

Prairie Fare: You can make a lot of different menu items with zucchini

Mom, there’s a cucumber,” my daughter noted. “Here’s another one and another one.” I was a little surprised at her comment because I hadn’t planted any cucumbers. I had planted the prolific cousin of the cucumber. You definitely can see the family resemblance when they are hiding under some foliage. “They’re zucchini,” I said. “And […] Read more

Jar of wild berry jam on white wooden background from top view

Let’s get jammin’

Prairie Fare: Jam and jelly recipes to get your taste buds going

Making your own jams and jellies is an easy and delicious way to capture the great tastes of our Prairie fruits. Luckily for us, today, jam making is easier than ever. What was a never-ending chore and means of survival for our grandmothers is now a hobby for us. We have the luxury of preserving […] Read more

Watermelon packs a lot of nutritional benefits

Prairie Fare: Pork and Watermelon Kebobs

The other day I was at my desk at work, talking to my computer screen, but I wasn’t just being the “absent-minded professor.” I actually had an audience in a room across the state. Grilling fruits and vegetables was the topic of my webinar. I mentioned grilling watermelon to the audience because I had read […] Read more

Photo of gloved woman hand holding weed and tool removing it from soil

Gardening provides more than healthful food

It’s an undertaking that also provides stress relief and physical activity

She weeded the garden in her Sunday clothes without getting dirty,” my husband announced to some of our friends. They looked at me to see what I was wearing. I think they glanced to see whether I had the “telltale dirty knees” of a gardener. My clothes and knees were clean. Why was I gardening […] Read more

More burgers more often

Summertime is burger time and the variety can be almost endless

When the days are long and the sun shines bright, burgers with fresh seasonal veggies and endless salads are the way to go. And with so many variations available, it’s easy to enjoy a different burger every week. But, if your family is like mine, they may be hesitant to try new burger recipes for […] Read more

Are rhubarb and tomatoes fruits or vegetables?

Whether produce is a fruit or veggie often depends on your perspective and how you use it

For roll call, please say your favourite vegetable,” our club officer announced. I was at a meeting of PEO, which is a philanthropic educational organization for women. We in Chapter V are getting to know each other a little better every month by answering questions for roll call. The officer stated green beans as her […] Read more

Is milk good for you?

Don't listen to detractors, milk has many health benefits

I recently visited a dairy farm and especially admired the 24-hour-old calves. They already were up walking around one day after birth. We humans take about a year to do that. A Brown Swiss calf with long eyelashes and I bonded. It licked my hand with its rough tongue and I was carried back to […] Read more

Does sleep evade you on some nights?

One out of three people experiences sleep issues at least on occasion

I opened the hotel room door and glanced around the room. I rolled my suitcase in and parked it by the window. Then I took some things out of the suitcase to bring to the bathroom. On the way, I noticed an empty water bottle lying on the floor. Oh, the maid missed it, I […] Read more