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Manitoba Flavours: Discover your favourite apple

Manitoba Flavours: Discover your favourite apple

From local choices to commercial favourites, plus an Apple and Cranberry Cobbler recipe

If I had to choose a favourite fruit, I wouldn’t hesitate to say apples. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t enjoy an apple in one form or another. But if I had to choose a favourite type of apple, I’d have a much harder time selecting just one. I love that apples come

Local strawberries are a fleeting pleasure of a Manitoba summer.

Time to enjoy local strawberries

Don’t let this summer pleasure pass you by this season

There’s nothing like the taste of freshly picked, ruby-red strawberries. Lucky for us, strawberry-picking season is just around the corner so we’ll be able to get our fill of these tasty gems. Have you planned when and where you’re getting your local berries from this year? If not, be sure to check out the Prairie

Fresh herbs from the garden are a taste sensation.

Add fresh basil to your recipes

Fresh herbs are an excellent way to add a hit of flavour without any salt

When I want to relax a bit, I meander outside to tend my backyard plants, which include a variety of flowers, vegetables and herbs. I don’t even mind weeding (too much) because my vegetable and herb gardens are in elevated four-foot-wide by eight-foot-long garden boxes. My garden beds are about three feet off the ground,

Enjoy your time together as a family outdoors, and don’t forget hydrating drinks and sunscreen.

Enjoy lounging outdoors with a refreshing beverage

It doesn’t take much to dress up plain water for a healthy treat

Wait. Stop the van,” I said to my husband. He knew what I saw and pulled to the side of the street. “We can fix them!” I said with enthusiasm. He sighed rather heavily. Yes, he’s usually the fixer and I am the painter. Actually, sometimes I just decide where to put things. I had

When buying strawberries, look for fruits that are bright red with green caps and are free from moisture or bruising.

Enjoy seasonal strawberries

This is when strawberries are at peak quality and, usually, a lower price

I remember the “you-pick” strawberry patches we would visit in the early summer when I was a kid. You could see the plump, red berries peeking out from under the green foliage. I thought walking down the rows in a large field of strawberries was fun. I also remember a lady in a broad-brimmed floppy

Planning your preserves

Planning your preserves

Now is a good time to think about what your summer calendar looks like, how you’re going to manage your freezer space and how you’ll fit in preserving all of your favourites

As I finish planting the last of my garden, my thoughts turn to preserving. It seems early to think about canning, jamming and freezing, but now’s the perfect time to plan what, when and how I will preserve my favourite fruits and vegetables. Unlike last year, I do not want to miss blueberry season again.

It’s not easy understanding how credible information is these days.

Evaluating health information in a high-tech world

Reliability and trustworthy sources are vitally important when making health decisions

“I can’t understand what you are saying,” the female voice said. I was listening to music as I drove in unfamiliar territory. I thought a radio announcer was commenting to a guest. “I can’t understand what you are saying,” the voice said again. “I’m not saying anything,” I replied automatically, slightly startled. Was my phone

Sun safety will protect your skin health, prevent pain and discomfort and even keep you looking younger.

Protect your skin when playing in the sun

More people get a skin cancer diagnosis than all of the other types of cancer combined

Several years ago, I had a couple of program assistants who loved to enter radio contests. One day they walked into my office to discuss the day’s activities. I was a little surprised when I looked up, but I think I maintained a poker face. “How are you doing today?” I asked. “Well, we won

Spring cleaning is a great excuse to wash and disinfect the kitchen.

Are you inspired to do some spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning, especially in the kitchen, can have multiple health benefits

As I looked around my office, the inspiration for this weekly column was right in front of me. Spring cleaning needs to be on my to-do list. Fortunately, my office isn’t dusty, and the carpet was vacuumed recently. However, piles of paper accumulated on my desk and table during the winter, just like the deep

Most of us enjoy peanuts as a tasty snack, but to others, they’re a deadly allergen.

Peanut allergies are serious business

Peanuts are among the foods most associated with allergic reactions and the symptoms can range from mild to severe

We have someone with a severe peanut allergy on board, so peanut-containing snacks will not be served,” the flight attendant announced. “Please refrain from eating any of your own snack foods with peanuts as an ingredient for the duration of the trip,” he continued. I had packs of peanut butter crackers and peanuts in my