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Grow your own herbal tea garden

Prairie Fare: Apple and rhubarb herbal tea blend

This summer, consider growing your own herbal tea garden. Not only will you enjoy amazing flavours as you harvest your herbs, but you’ll enjoy lovely foliage and flowers in your garden all summer long. Luckily for us, tea herbs are easy to grow and require relatively little care. Most thrive in full sun in average, […] Read more

Eat your weeds

Prairie Fare: Some of those pesky plant pests are good for you

Chances are you have a few dandelions, chickweed, purslane, lamb’s quarters or even stinging nettle growing in your yard. Keeping up with these vigorous growers is a constant chore. To make the task a little more fun this year, why not try eating them? That’s right, eat your garden weeds. Eating weeds is not as […] Read more

Freeze-ahead convenience foods

You can either make intentional freezer meals or just double up recipes and freeze some for later

It won’t be long until spring gets underway and winter routines are replaced by long hours of field work. Knowing what lies ahead, now is a good time to start stashing away a few freezer meals to lighten the load. Making freezer meals is easy and convenient. It can be as simple as doubling a […] Read more

Superfoods aren’t superheroes

Trendy foods are no cure-all or replacement for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

Every year, popular magazines and trend watchers release lists of must-eat “superfoods” that will boost our health and overall well-being. The idea sounds appealing — eat this food and you’ll feel great and improve your health. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy — superfoods are not the superheroes they’re made out to be. The concept of […] Read more

It’s citrus season

Prairie Fare: This fruit family has more to offer than most can imagine

January to March is citrus season, the time when North American oranges, lemons, grapefruit and limes are at their peak. Take full advantage of the season and explore all the citrus fruit offered in the produce aisle. To help you make the best of the season, here are some tips and recipes for you to […] Read more

Potatoes are a forgotten vegetable

Perhaps potatoes aren’t trendy but they are delicious and nutritious and too often overlooked

If there’s one vegetable we take for granted it’s the potato. Despite being the most consumed vegetable in Canada, we rarely give potatoes a second thought. Perhaps this is because they’re not as trendy and exotic as quinoa or avocados. Maybe it’s because we’re afraid they’re unhealthy. Or maybe, we’ve just fallen into a boiled […] Read more

Large group of Halloween Jack o Lanterns over a white background

Jack-o’-lanterns and more

Prairie Fare: Don’t forget all the tasty foods you can create from this fall mainstay

Carving ghoulish images into pumpkins and bringing them to life with flickering candlelight is one of our favourite Halloween traditions. But carving jack-o’-lanterns for trick-or-treaters isn’t the only way to enjoy pumpkins. They make delicious, affordable and nutritious foods too. Those big pumpkins may not be as sweet as the smaller “sugar pumpkins” or “pie […] Read more

bowl of tomatoes

Storing and preserving garden tomatoes

Eventually every year there comes a time when you can’t keep up to the tomato patch

Is there anything better than the first bite of a vine-ripened, sun-kissed garden tomato? As our first tomatoes ripen, we enjoy them just as they are on buttered toast or BLT sandwiches. As more become available there’s bruschetta, pasta dishes, pico de gallo (fresh salsa) and endless salads. My mouth is watering just thinking about […] Read more

Let’s get pickled!

Gate to Plate: Classic Dill Pickles, Multi-Coloured Pickled Cauliflower, and Homemade Hot Pepper Rings

It’s time to get pickling. While classic crunchy dill pickles probably come to mind, don’t stop there. Just about any fruit or vegetable can be preserved in a vinegar solution with added herbs and spices. Pickled veggies can be enjoyed as an appetizer, light snack or topper to main entrees. What’s a burger without pickles […] Read more

Good food makes for happy campers

Prairie Fare: Some tips and recipes to make cooking outdoors as enjoyable as the food itself

Grab your fishing pole, marshmallows and floaty, it’s time to go camping! I know, it’s hard to leave the farm, but taking time to enjoy summer with family and friends is important. Not only is it a good way to reduce stress, but it can build fond memories that will last a lifetime. With harvest […] Read more