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Manitoba Flavours: Discover your favourite apple

Manitoba Flavours: Discover your favourite apple

From local choices to commercial favourites, plus an Apple and Cranberry Cobbler recipe

If I had to choose a favourite fruit, I wouldn’t hesitate to say apples. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t enjoy an apple in one form or another. But if I had to choose a favourite type of apple, I’d have a much harder time selecting just one. I love that apples come

Local strawberries are a fleeting pleasure of a Manitoba summer.

Time to enjoy local strawberries

Don’t let this summer pleasure pass you by this season

There’s nothing like the taste of freshly picked, ruby-red strawberries. Lucky for us, strawberry-picking season is just around the corner so we’ll be able to get our fill of these tasty gems. Have you planned when and where you’re getting your local berries from this year? If not, be sure to check out the Prairie

Planning your preserves

Planning your preserves

Now is a good time to think about what your summer calendar looks like, how you’re going to manage your freezer space and how you’ll fit in preserving all of your favourites

As I finish planting the last of my garden, my thoughts turn to preserving. It seems early to think about canning, jamming and freezing, but now’s the perfect time to plan what, when and how I will preserve my favourite fruits and vegetables. Unlike last year, I do not want to miss blueberry season again.

While higher in sugar, brown bananas are a little easier to digest and offer slightly more antioxidants.

Going bananas for brown bananas

Even the ripeness of bananas is a valuable resource in the kitchen

Does the sight of brown spots on bananas make you uneasy or do you enjoy that intense, sweet flavour that comes from brown bananas? If eating freckled bananas right out of the fruit basket isn’t your thing, perhaps some tasty recipes using overripe bananas might pique your interest. Let’s put any fear to rest; brown

Grapes and cheese on skewers. A fun way to serve fruit and cheese while also controlling portion size.

Snacks and lunches to go

Spring can be a busy time so try these quick and nutritious food ideas

Spring break marks the home stretch for school and the start of spring farm work. For us home cooks, this means making more lunches and snacks to go. Keeping your kids and farmers fuelled with good food will help them function at their best and prevent fatigue, constipation, energy crashes and dehydration. For the best

Canada’s Food 
Guide  is making 
broad recommendations rather than telling people how much and of what 
to eat.

Your guide to a better diet

Red meat, poultry and dairy are still on
 the menu, but so are other protein foods

Canada’s new food guide is less prescriptive than it has ever been. There are no recommendations for number of servings or serving sizes for any specific food. There are just broad guiding statements to help Canadians make more healthy eating choices. These statements echo healthy eating recommendations by countries around the world and reflect current

Choosing seasonal vegetables can keep your diet healthy and grocery bill lower.

Eat more vegetables despite rising prices

You can take steps to eat a better diet while keeping costs down

Eat more vegetables. If you’re looking for one piece of advice for improving your eating habits in 2019, this is it. Look at any food guide across the globe, including the just-released Canadian one, ask any health professional, research recommendations from any chronic disease organization and you’ll find they all recommend eating more vegetables for

Jicama with avocado and
cilantro dip.

Beautiful vegetable platters for the holidays

Add a delicious, attractive and healthy option to your holiday season fare

Happy holidays! If your holiday season is like ours, food will be a common theme in your festivities. And rightly so. Sharing good food with loved ones is a way of celebrating our good fortune and passing on our traditions, culture, religion and family rituals. In our family, big, beautiful vegetable platters have become part

Onions come in all sizes, shapes and colours and with different flavour profiles. 
They’re all tasty and are underrated for their nutritional value.

Enjoy an onion

They’re tasty with flavours that run from spicy to sweet and surprisingly nutritious

Raw, sautéed, grilled, caramelized, fried or boiled, onions can be used in many different ways in an endless variety of dishes. In fact, onions are the most commonly used vegetable across the globe. We enjoy them for the crisp, spicy bite they provide when raw and the sweet, savoury depth they add when cooked. And

Put a lid on food waste to help the environment and your bank account.

Food waste in Canada and our role at home

Just how much food is thrown away in Canada? Probably far more than you think

In Canada, as much as 40 per cent of our food is wasted. This waste happens at every step of the food chain, from fields to processing plants, to retail outlets to our homes. A study by Gooch et al in 2010 for Value Chain Management Report, showed consumers are the worst contributors of all,