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Which is better for you, coffee or tea?

Both are fine beverage choices but tea contains numerous compounds with potential health benefits and even may help with weight management

I think I started drinking coffee at about age 11, about the same time I learned how to drive a stick-shift pickup truck. I wasn’t a particularly good driver, but I could drive around a farmyard without hitting any sheds or the barn. I could make a mean cup of coffee in our percolator from […] Read more

Canned, fresh, frozen and dried are all good options

All have similar nutritional values and none are a poor choice

What’s for dinner, Mom?” one of my daughters asked on a weekend evening. I was in the middle of a house project and I hadn’t even thought about dinner. Then I heard the click of our dogs’ nails on our wood floor as they trotted around nervously. I glanced at the clock and saw it […] Read more

When in doubt, throw it out

Don’t risk it on foods stored at improper temperatures for too long

I had to go to the grocery store at 6 a.m. to pick up two more packages of deli turkey because somebody left the first two packages on the counter,” my husband noted one morning. “Well, when in doubt, throw it out, right?” he added. “Yes, that’s the rule,” I said. I was happy I […] Read more

Under pressure

Prairie Fare: New ‘smart’ electric pressure cookers are safer and easier than ever

Are you enjoying your coffee?” my husband asked our 19-year-old daughter. “Please stop spying on me!” she exclaimed as she opened the front door of our home. She was not impressed with her parents. “I could turn off the lights in the house now,” my husband said to me a little mischievously. “No, we better […] Read more

Diet can give your immune system the advantage

You have several ways to help your immune system resist colds and flu this season

Recently, I was on six flights during the course of five days, with about 250 people per flight. Every flight had several people who were sneezing or coughing. So, I was exposed to at least 1,500 people all nestled in a pressurized tube, breathing the same recycled air. Now I wait to see if my […] Read more

Study shows more benefits of family mealtimes

Prairie Fare: Here are a few tips to help you make regular family mealtimes a reality

One morning as I was brushing my teeth, I heard a snippet on a news program about new Canadian family meals research. I zipped into the living room with my toothbrush still in hand, wanting to hear more. We at the NDSU Extension Service launched “The Family Table” a year ago to encourage families to […] Read more

Be ready for extreme cold this winter

Prairie Fare: Dress appropriately, have emergency equipment and supplies on hand, 
and enjoy hearty filling fare

Jake looked up at me with his dark brown eyes. He appeared kind of sad. He was standing by his blue sweater, which one of my daughters had removed. She thought he was too warm in his woolly sweater because he already has a fur coat. Yes, Jake is a dog. Our bitterly cold January […] Read more

Do microwave ovens zap nutrients in foods?

Prairie Fare: Actually, cooking in a microwave can help you preserve the nutrients in your food

The other day, I received a message when I returned to my desk after a meeting. Someone had called to ask about microwave ovens and nutrition. As I listened to the question, I decided that I was settling a bet. When people are making wagers about nutrition, I don’t mind being involved. The gentleman caller’s […] Read more

Cut food waste this holiday season

Prairie Fare: The first step is minimizing leftovers with proper planning and meal preparation

As I peered in our refrigerator the other day, I noticed some small containers with dabs of leftovers that had just reached their “time to toss” phase. I always feel guilty when we throw away food in our home. To help use any extra servings, I eat left­overs almost every day at work. Unfortunately, sometimes […] Read more

Plan-overs beat leftovers

Prairie Fare: By planning ahead you can minimize food waste by creating new dishes

What do you think?” my husband asked as I took a taste of the piping hot casserole. “It’s kind of bland. It needs more pepper,” I said a little too quickly. I noticed his expression resembled that of a sad puppy. I had criticized the entree he made. Note to self: Always compliment the cook. […] Read more