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“There certainly could be risk factors that they maybe didn’t fully address last time around, but in many cases you’re also looking at larger farms in swine-dense areas and those in themselves are risk factors.” – Dr. Glen Duizer, Manitoba CVO.

Another 2017 for PEDv?

Manitoba’s CVO says the carry-over of 2017 is lasting longer than expected

It’s shaping up to be another bad year for PEDv in the province’s pork sector. In fact the province says it could easily be on par with 2017, the province’s worst year. On June 18, Dr. Glen Duizer of Manitoba’s Chief Veterinary Office (CVO) said 2019 cases were comparable to the same point in time

About 53 per cent of all hog farmers in Manitoba are currently signed on with the disease reporting program.

Manitoba Pork pushing online disease response program as PEDv cases climb

Participation in the Manitoba Co-ordinated Disease Response program has grown to 79 per cent in the southeast

The Manitoba Pork Council is hoping to get the final few southeastern hog producers signed on to the first line of defence against PEDv. About 79 per cent of those producers have signed on with the council’s Manitoba Co-ordinated Disease Response program (MCDR). The online information-sharing platform includes information on biosecurity, manure spreading and outbreak

A new algorithm can help tell pork producers a PEDv outbreak may be imminent.

Researchers create algorithm to predict PEDv outbreaks

The high-tech approach already has an 80 per cent accuracy rate

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed an algorithm that could give pig producers advance notice of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) outbreaks. The proof-of-concept algorithm has potential for use in real-time prediction of other disease outbreaks in food animals. PEDv is a virus that causes high mortality rates in preweaned piglets. The virus

Manitoba Pork and the Chief Veterinary Office have recommended heightened biosecurity measures for hog barns in a large portion of southeastern Manitoba.

New case of PEDv confirmed May 15

Heightened biosecurity essential for large area in southeast

A new case of PEDv confirmed in a finisher barn May 15 in southeastern Manitoba once again has the hog sector on high alert. Biocontainment procedures were immediately put on the site where the virus was detected, while Manitoba Pork and the Chief Veterinary Office recommended all premises heighten biosecurity in a large swath of

Manitoba Pork swine health programs manager Jenelle Hamblin.

Pork sector learns biosecurity lessons from PEDv

2017 was by far the worst PEDv year on record, but it also forced a hard look at biosecurity and those lessons may lay the groundwork against future pig diseases

The summer’s PEDv outbreak has been a hard teacher on biosecurity issues, but the Manitoba Pork Council says those lessons will help fight future diseases like PRRS (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome). The pork sector was rocked in the east this year, with 80 barns testing positive for PEDv, including the first cases west of

Jenelle Hamblin will be tackling disease response in Manitoba as the Manitoba Pork Council’s new swine health program manager.

Swine health hire highlights disease management

PEDv has highlighted the need to take a proactive approach to swine health issues

When Jenelle Hamblin agreed to join Manitoba Pork a couple of months back, she always knew it would be trial by fire. She was joining the organization as its swine health program manager in the midst of an outbreak of the porcine disease PEDv, a situation that’s roiled the pork sector throughout North America in

Recovering pigs being moved to other barns

Though pigs survived latest PEDV outbreak, officials concerned about disease spread

Manitoba hog farmers whose barns are affected by the ongoing porcine epidemic diarrhea (PEDv) outbreak are running out of space to put the surviving pigs. Five unaffected barns recently had to receive pigs from locations battling the virus due to space constraints, Dr. Glen Duizer of Manitoba’s chief veterinary office said last week. While the

Vaccine put to the test as PEDv outbreak continues

Clinical trials have shown high hopes for the vaccine, which has been deployed to a producer in the PEDv hot zone in southeast Manitoba

[Updated June 16, 2017] A vaccine that researchers say has been over 90 per cent effective against PEDv in clinical trials is on track for another field test in southeast Manitoba. Dr. Volker Gerdts, associate director of research at VIDO-InterVac and one of the lead researchers on the project, says the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Pork industry nervous as newest PED cases confirmed

Manitoba’s PED record rises to 15 cases total and five this year

Another two barns in southeast Manitoba have tested positive for porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) in the fourth and fifth cases of the disease this year. A finisher and sow barn were confirmed PED positive in the space of two days. Manitoba Pork Council general manager Andrew Dickson said finisher barn staff noticed symptoms May 14.

Investigators tracking PED infections

Another case of PED was confirmed in southeastern Manitoba May 8, bringing the province’s total number of PED cases since 2014 up to 13

Hog producers are on high alert after a third case of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) was confirmed within five kilometres of two initial infections May 8. The root of the infections, centred in southeastern Manitoba, is still unknown. “We wish we knew why this is happening because our producers are exercising very high standards of